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January 2022 - Untitled

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I came across this lovely scene and feel I have not done it justice. I was struck by the peacefulness and throw back atmosphere to another time. Landscapes are not my thing, but I would like to learn to capture what I see and feel. So don't hold back, I have thick skin. Handheld at ISO 400 f8 aperture priority with 1/160 exposure and 28mm.

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Allen Calopisis
I do like the scene that you captured overall. I could use some cleaning up. First thing I would do is to crop out the barn and white building on the right. What looks like a flag-pole on the left should also be removed. I would also remove the people from the scene. IF your editing is good I would also remove the white building in the center of the image. I would then use the shadow slider to lighten up the cattle in the photo. Please keep in mind that is what I would have done, it is your photo and story and you may look at it in a different view.   Posted: 01/08/2022 16:53:34

Priscilla Farrell   Priscilla Farrell
I do agree this is a pleasant and nostalgic country scene. One of it's strong points is the diagonal fence line with the cattle in the foreground. I do like all the wooden fencing in the image. Following Allen's suggestions regarding cropping the barn and white building on the right would make this a less "busy" image. My eye does not have a place to rest.   Posted: 01/09/2022 10:57:58

Sandra Irwin   Sandra Irwin
Makes me think peaceful thoughts. I'd like to sit in a chair and chew on some hay! I do agree some cropping in the background would help. I'd cut out everything white and maybe the brown building on the right. Is it a barn? I do see that it looks like some boards in the fence were opened, allowing the animals in and out, I assume. If the brown building were removed, it would give the impression the cows were out loose, I think. So maybe it should be left in, to suggest they are in a different pasture that leads into the barn, or whatever it is, on the right. The cow on the left has some white on it's back and tail. I'd change that to match the rest of the animal, so the eye isn't distracted.
I really like the diagonal line of the fence -- great composition!   Posted: 01/10/2022 10:03:39

Sherri Vallie
Thank you all for the comments. That's exactly what I need. I have made the edits, but unfortunately I cut off the sky. lesson learned for next time! I see how the clutter is removed making for a clearer picture.   Posted: 01/15/2022 13:22:17
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Allen Calopisis
You did an excellent job at re-editing the photo, looks great   Posted: 01/16/2022 17:10:27

John Larson   John Larson
Yes, as the others have said your original was quite busy and hard to find a place to rest our eyes. Your editing work that your have shown us show a dramatically improved image. Somehow in that process you lost a good bit of the sky. I hope there is a way that you can put it back because I think it added to the original.   Posted: 01/17/2022 12:51:56
Sherri Vallie
I agree, the sky was important, but I didnt notice it missing until all the other edits were done
I'll see if I can get it back   Posted: 01/17/2022 14:21:30


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