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Montenegro Macros by Hoshedar Cooper

September 2021 - Montenegro Macros

September 2021 - Hoshedar Cooper

Leaf Insect

September 2021 - Hoshedar Cooper


September 2021 - Hoshedar Cooper

Spider Parlour

About the Image(s)

I have recently taken baby steps in macro photography and this is my first attempt and hence would really like frank and forthright feedback so I can improve. The specs for each of the images are summarized below. The images were taken in Montenegro. Amazing country. Main Image is Albino.


Albino- Exposure- 1/125
FL- 105 mm
ISO- 800
Aperture- f/10

Leaf insect
Albino- Exposure- 1/400
FL- 105 mm
ISO- 1,250
Aperture- f/9

Mayfly- Exposure- 1/50
FL- 105 mm
ISO- 800
Aperture- f/13

Spider Parlour- Exposure- 1/250
FL- 105 mm
ISO- 1,600
Aperture- f/8

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Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
Albino looks like it was cropped in too much, but has a good background. Leaf insect is very interesting with such a long nose, and looks sharp. The mayfly has good dept of field, a good background and looks sharp. The spider has good dept of field and a good background. Most insects are taken from the top, not the bottom, but it is interesting and you captured the spider web.   Posted: 09/07/2021 14:40:27

Barbara Mallon   Barbara Mallon
I suspect your albino is undergoing a molt. The whites are almost washed out. Just bring down the exposure a bit. Very intreging. Great nature capture.   Posted: 09/08/2021 14:38:40

Grace Lee   Grace Lee
macro photography is the area which I can't touch at all due to my bad eyes (short sight). I like the great nature photos, and I am favor for the photos of Mayfly and Spider Parlour. I would move a bit angle for the main photo, to make it "X" style.   Posted: 09/09/2021 22:05:47

Tony Tam   Tony Tam
All your Macro images are very nice.
For this albino I would composited diagonally.
I am not sure this albino is insect shelling, like Cicada shells.   Posted: 09/10/2021 14:32:35
Comment Image
Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
I like the change that you made to diagonal.   Posted: 09/20/2021 13:06:46

Rich Sears   Rich Sears
Hoshedar, your lighting, focus, sharpness and composition are fine My personal taste is to have a tad more separation in the subject from the background. Barbara's exposure adjustment would accomplish that. Myself I would the whitish branch toward the upper left side. If you rotated your image to a diagonal, you would create more tension and thus, interest. Excellent first attempt.   Posted: 09/19/2021 13:48:49


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