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Pincushion Plant by Ruth Mayer

November 2023 - Pincushion Plant

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So this last summer I had a few flowers in my yard and one of them was something called a pincushion plant. Mine were a lovely lavender color. I noticed that when they ended blooming that the stems had this little thistle looking bloom on it. I thought it would be fun to photography them. I clipped a few and stuck them in a little vase on my patio. I think that was about in July. I just left them there for decoration. Well as I was looking for something to photography for this month’s submission, I finally got around to it. By then they were quite dried out and created some crazy stem shapes.
To photograph them I put them in a small vase on the table with a black background. OM 1 camera on a tripod. I tried using a flash, and extraneous lights but I didn’t like that. I ended up with just the overhead light in the room and a little window light. I used 12-40mm lens at 21mm, 25sec at f9 iso 200. I took it into Camera Raw and worked mostly in changing the white balance. I worked to make sure it was level, but I’m not 100% confident with that.

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Karen Botvin   Karen Botvin
Interesting image, Ruth. I like all the different directions that the stems are going. It adds interest to the image. Your choice of vase is the inverse of the stems above and a very good choice. Your lighting is good, but I would lighten the image a bit more and possibly move the vase a bit to the viewers left to get it out of center. Nice capture.   Posted: 11/05/2023 15:38:01
Ruth Mayer   Ruth Mayer
Thanks Karen I really like your suggestions. Here's my take on them   Posted: 11/06/2023 18:35:36
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Karen Botvin   Karen Botvin
Yes, much more pleasing to my eye!   Posted: 11/09/2023 06:16:05
Karen Botvin   Karen Botvin
Yes, much more pleasing to my eye!   Posted: 11/10/2023 06:16:27

Tom Lee   Tom Lee
The monochrome conversion brings out the beautiful shapes of the stems. It's very pleasing to the eyes. And Karen's crop is nice too.   Posted: 11/16/2023 11:16:11
Ruth Mayer   Ruth Mayer
Thank you   Posted: 11/24/2023 11:41:06

Doris King   Doris King
I love this image. It is quite whimsical and moving it to the left is perfect.   Posted: 11/21/2023 16:18:38
Ruth Mayer   Ruth Mayer
Thank you   Posted: 11/24/2023 11:38:56

Doris King   Doris King
Your starfish in this month's showcase is lovely. Congratulations!   Posted: 11/22/2023 15:36:55
Ruth Mayer   Ruth Mayer
Thank you   Posted: 11/24/2023 11:39:21

Charissa Lansing   Charissa Lansing
Happy Thanksgiving,Ruth! The sense of rhythm in this still life appeals to me. To my eye, the lighting is lovel and I like the changes in composition and monochrome conversion that you've mad.

What an interesting starfish image in this months showcase! Congrats.   Posted: 11/23/2023 17:25:47
Ruth Mayer   Ruth Mayer
Thank you   Posted: 11/24/2023 11:39:51

James Silliman   James Silliman
It looks as though the pincushion plant has seen better days. LOL! But you have taken "lemons and made lemonade." The use of the black background and your choice of lighting have created a very pleasing image. As I look at that last standing stem, I am put in mind of that last November leaf on the tree that refuses to fall. That last stem is not going to give in. Ruth's cropping suggests a bit more impact when the overall is in that left third of the frame. Nice image.   Posted: 11/23/2023 21:06:04
Ruth Mayer   Ruth Mayer
Thank you   Posted: 11/24/2023 11:40:25