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Venus Rising by Sophia Schade

August 2022 - Venus Rising

August 2022 - Sophia Schade


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The story behind this shot. I was out with the Beaufort Camera Club at Jekyll Island in Georgina on March 3rd 2022. The goal was to capture the Milkyway.
We headed for the beach at 1:00 AM, expecting the Milky Way to rise above Horizon around 2:30 AM. The sky was clear and the air temperature was comfortable, but there was light coming from St. Simons Island that flooded the beach. It was perfect because it illuminates the tree. We shot through the night .. I struggled most of the night. I needed a sturdier tripod and better head. At 6:25 AM I was able to get this shot of the Milky Way and Venus rising. In my opinion Venus made this shot magical. I am planning to submit this photo to a contest and the theme is Nature as an artist. I can use your help in improving the photo.. I only use Lightroom for processing.. So if you are kind enough and give me baby steps on Photoshop I will work with that.
Setting: Nikon D850- F4.5- speed 25sec- ISO 2500- 24MM

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Mark Burgess   Mark Burgess
Hi Sophia. Great capture. I really like the tree and I think that is the hero of the image. I always thing that milky way shots need really interesting foregrounds and you have got that. But in your processing you seem to have lost the definition of the milky way and I liked your original better. But I processed the original some more using curves in Lightroom for increased contrast, raised the highlights, some dehaze and clarity. Then as a minor adjustment in Photoshop used one curve layer to bring out the shadows in the tree trunk. Oh....and... so sorry but I was not so fond of Venus which is destractingly bright and also the patch of water. So I did a square crop. For the tree!! :)   Posted: 08/01/2022 19:18:33
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Jim Horn   Jim Horn
Sophia, I am glad that you are submitting this in a contest. Beause you asked for suggestions and simple instructions, here goes. In Photoshop on your original, open Camera Raw filter. Use these sliders only
highlights +100%
shadows +50%
whites +50%
Texture +25%

Let me know what you think.
  Posted: 08/02/2022 13:43:30
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Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
I rarely turn to other member's comments before making my own, but in this case
I liked Jim's interpretation of your image, for me the added light was needed   Posted: 08/02/2022 20:23:24

David Price   David Price
I think what Jim has done is excellent. How will it do in a competition? I think it depends on the judge(s). To my mind it is a very striking image and should do well. Some judges, particularly the ones who nit pick, may say that Venus is too bright and pulls the eye away from the rest of the image. If it was mine I would reduce the brightness of Venus. It is not mine and you say "In my opinion Venus made this shot magical" therefore I would submit it as suggested by Jim and not reduce the brightness of Venus.   Posted: 08/06/2022 04:25:45

Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Sophia, you've got a wonderful image that should definitely be entered into a competition and then hung on your wall. I think Jim's version/edits make further improvements on a photograph that's already outstanding.

Concerning the brightness of Venus... I notice that it is equally bright in your original. So, I suggest leaving it as is.

Well done. A marvelous photograph!
  Posted: 08/07/2022 15:17:42


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