Barbara E Miller, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP  

Trapper by Barbara E Miller, HonPSA, MPSA, EFIAP

May 2022 - Trapper

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This is our daughter's cat that I took sometime ago I didn't do very much with it other than sharpening, placing it in the frame and I liked the idea of its whiskers outside the box

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Richard Siersma   Richard Siersma
A nice touch having the whiskers coming outside the box. I was wondering if you changed the color of the thin white line in the frame to match the color of the cat's eyes? It might add some separation between the cat and the black frame.   Posted: 05/01/2022 20:56:28
Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
Thanks I like that idea.   Posted: 05/02/2022 10:05:31

Candia Peterson   Candia Peterson
I like the idea of the whiskers to elevate a fairly simple pet shot. I'm not convinced by the harshness of the black and white but I don't know what else you could do to make the whiskers stand out.   Posted: 05/03/2022 07:54:49

David Price   David Price
I like your image Barbara. Below is a different version. I'm not sure if it is better, just different.   Posted: 05/04/2022 04:09:40
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Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Wonderful image and post-processing. Like Richard, I think the whiskers coming over the matt is brilliant. It really makes it a unique photograph that shows your talent and creativity. I'm also fond of David's version. The green matt is a nice addition.   Posted: 05/04/2022 16:33:11

Sophia Schade   Sophia Schade
I love the crop and angle .. I have never seen the whiskers coming over the matt .. Just brilliant.. I would love to learn how to do it. I like what David did with the color .. What I don't like is the white lines on the mat. Can you share how you did the processing, thanks in advance.   Posted: 05/09/2022 10:17:44

Mark Burgess   Mark Burgess
I like the asymmetric treatment and the novelty of having the whiskers emphasized by extending beyond the frame. It really does draw me in...missing our old cat!   Posted: 05/10/2022 23:57:46


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