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Alligator picture was taken on our local golf course with baby alligators near by; Eggs were photographed in my kitchen and processed in Photoshop; sand is from our local beach in Clearwater FL. The stone structure was shot out west in a park in Montana. Photoshop was used to make the composite using layers. To finish the picture, I made the frame in Photoshop.

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Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Wow! Nick, you outdid yourself this month. You've created an amazing composite and managed to utilize much of the USA to do it. There's nothing I can suggest to enhance this wonderful image. The Photoshop work is outstanding, the use of monochrome is excellent, and the frame works wonderfully. Well done!

  Posted: 05/01/2021 09:11:44

Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
AHA! this is the Nick I know, such imagination and everything comes together to produce a super image. Well done Nick, it's a winner, can't say more!   Posted: 05/01/2021 10:59:17

Bev Caine   Bev Caine
(Groups 48 & 80)
I can only be so jealous of the imagination that create the idea for this perfectly executed idea.   Posted: 05/02/2021 13:31:33

Freddie Kelvin   Freddie Kelvin
The others have said it; your imagination knows no bounds.
The composite has a delightfully humorous quality, even more than with your earlier works. Wow!!   Posted: 05/02/2021 20:49:15

Mark Laussade   Mark Laussade
You should have had them coming out of Barbara's egg! Kidding aside, this is a great image. Photoshop is a lethal weapon in your hands.   Posted: 05/05/2021 21:33:54

David Price   David Price
I agree with the others on your imagination. Just one point. The two crocs in the upper right seem to be the same but with one enlarged. If this is the case I would use "Puppet Warp" on one of them to change its shape. I await next month's image.   Posted: 05/11/2021 04:42:30
Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
David, what is Puppet Warp?   Posted: 05/11/2021 06:03:48
David Price   David Price
I can't really explain it here but there are lots of lessons on youtube. You could try this
  Posted: 05/11/2021 06:36:40


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