Jaqueline Whalen  

Fall Hike through Gardens by Jaqueline Whalen

November 2021 - Fall Hike through Gardens

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This is a seed pod from a Clematis cultivar. I cropped the image, Flipped it horizontally and worked the sliders to get a good balance of dark and light. At first I was distressed by the front wispy threads being out of focus, but then decided that I liked the fact that the lack of focus there drew the viewer into the image to the true focal point which is within the seed pod wispy things. What do all of you think? Canon EOS 5DS R 1/800 sec at f/2.8 Focal Length: 70mm

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Shirley Pohlman   Shirley Pohlman
Jacqueline, I admire your creativity in thinking out of the box. I enjoy the wispy look of the image, and the out-of-focus, to me, gives a feeling of motion. My eye is drawn to the upper right hand corner and suggest cloning in some of the white over it. I might try cropping to the left of the dried leaf and lightening the area above it. I think these extra areas are fighting for attention, and these small changes might help.   Posted: 11/05/2021 19:15:23
Jaqueline Whalen   Jaqueline Whalen
Those are all good suggestions, Shirley. A new pair of eyes always helps to see details that escape you when you work with an image for a while. I will give it a try and let you know how your suggestions work. I think they will be good ones!   Posted: 11/06/2021 07:08:30

Jim Wulpi   Jim Wulpi
Jaqueline, I LOVE the essence of this image and what you're trying to do. This seed pod is something I would love to play with sometime, myself. The "wispyness" and portions that are out of focus makes the main seed pod so inviting.
However, my first impression was that I saw a lot of distracting clutter and drearyness in the lighting. If the wispy seed pod could be isolated and creativiely played with (ie., electronically) to punch it up a bit, it could be fun.
  Posted: 11/09/2021 09:02:26
Jaqueline Whalen   Jaqueline Whalen
I will try to clean up the background. I think that would make a huge difference. Thanks for the comments. I got so involved with the seed pod that I did not think about the background. Ridiculous, right?   Posted: 11/09/2021 12:51:24

Jim Wulpi   Jim Wulpi
Congratulations for getting an image in the Monthly Showcase. I love it.
I've been asked to submit an image for next months gallery.   Posted: 11/10/2021 07:52:57
Jaqueline Whalen   Jaqueline Whalen
Good Work!!!   Posted: 11/10/2021 13:44:16
Martin Newland   Martin Newland
Well done, Jim!
We look forward to seeing your image   Posted: 11/12/2021 18:13:53