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Lotas by Joey Johnson

September 2021 - Lotas

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There is a pond in a park here in Sacramento that gets covered in lotus plants and in late spring and summer, they bloom profusely. The initial plants were introduced by Asian immigrants who were a bit homesick. For Sacramento photographers it is almost a requirement to get out there and get some photos. I finally made it this year. Taken with a Sony a7rIV, Tamron 70-180 2.8 lens, ISO 400, f 3.2, 1/8000.

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Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
(Groups 45 & 50 & 57)
So soft and dreamy with beautiful lighting. I like the dark background. Very nice!   Posted: 09/06/2021 11:40:02

Dennis Hirning   Dennis Hirning
Great lighting on the bud brings out the texture. Everything important is nicely in focus. The detail in the background adds interest without being a distraction.   Posted: 09/11/2021 07:45:55

David Robb   David Robb
Agree with the above comments whilst taking the Lotus out of center and to the right some.   Posted: 09/19/2021 16:19:22
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Than Sint   Than Sint
Awesome! Lighting on the bud motivates me to see the image for a while and touch the softness to my heart. I saved it.   Posted: 09/20/2021 21:48:25

Sol Blechman   Sol Blechman
Very pleasing in tones, colors and sharpness.I find the curved lines of the leaf under the flower to match the curves of that flower. It binds those two element together. In addition to David's suggestion to move it off center you could try angling the stem which would achieve the same bit of dynamic movement.   Posted: 09/21/2021 15:40:39

Bev Caine   Bev Caine
(Groups 48 & 80)
Beautiful image. I agree that the move slightly to the right is an added plus.   Posted: 09/26/2021 13:31:06


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