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 Caitlyn by Peter Elliston

March 2023 - Caitlyn

March 2023 - Peter Elliston


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Details: This is a fairly recent studio shot with this model. I have always wanted to photograph a model with red hair and Caitlyn certainly is that. So, it’s quite surprising to see what happens when the image is turned to mono and perhaps somewhat perverse in the sense that in this image she is no longer a redhead! But it’s always good to see what happens to an image if you do this. The original is quite a powerful full-on in your face (literally) shot and maybe almost too intense. The mono maybe makes the image more delicate and somewhat haunting? I have tidied up a lot of stray hairs around the face but left those which cross over on the hair itself. I have tried a very close crop and some use of negative space to see how this might help the image. Some judges hate cropped off heads but I always think that it’s obvious she has more than is shown in the image. Taken on my Fuji XT3 1/250 @f8 ISO 160 using studio flash

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Michael Hrankowski   Michael Hrankowski
Hi Peter. Yet another example of your ability to capture mood and emotion with your portraiture. You captured here gaze at just the right moment and she is seemingly looking right through me. The cut off head doesn't bother me, as it serves to emphasize her remarkable facial features. Overall, it is a well done, striking portrait.

As I've said many times, I'm not really qualified to critique portraiture, so take this not as that, but rather as a curiosity: You've chosen lighting that illuminates her face quite evenly. I'm wondering how the mood of the image might change had you positioned the light source more to her left to create a slight shadow on that side of her face and combine that with making the background black?   Posted: 03/03/2023 13:11:52
Peter Elliston   Peter Elliston
Thanks Michael, that's a helpful suggestion. The lighting is somewhat flat and might be improved a little with some extra processing but the idea of a darker background might also work.   Posted: 03/03/2023 13:30:27

Barbara Asacker   Barbara Asacker
Hi Peter,
You captured all the lovely features of your model. Her face is flawless. I agree with Michael that a black background would improve the image. Nicely done. The original is powerful and I like it.   Posted: 03/04/2023 11:16:44

Kathleen McCrary   Kathleen McCrary
Wow, Peter. This is a very intense image and a black background would make it even more so. I like the tight cropping because it's really about the face not the whole head. The even light is nice but more dramatic lighting would not be out of place.   Posted: 03/04/2023 15:42:22

Gerard Blair   Gerard Blair
Peter - I support the crop - how could I not? And the eyes are lovely.

I do want to raise a slightly difficult question though, and that is "freckles" -specifically and limited to the question of B&W conversion. As we are all aware, when we convert from color, different colors assume a different tonal strength (if that is the right word) so I think that freckles run the risk of being accentuated during the conversion so that they appear perhaps darker ... and there comes I point I think when beauty may turn to blemish, or to use less florid language: one risks turning a freckle into acne by making the reds/yellows too dark.

One suggestion is to create two conversions: one for the face and one for the hair and then to try merge these two layers to show them both to advantage. Not sure if this makes the change I was trying to illustrate ... but here goes.   Posted: 03/10/2023 14:51:01
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Peter Elliston   Peter Elliston
Gerard, many thanks - yes, that works so will give it a try too   Posted: 03/11/2023 03:03:31
Peter Elliston   Peter Elliston
Gerard, many thanks - yes, that works so will give it a try too   Posted: 03/11/2023 03:03:32

Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
Peter, Great job. You do so well on people. Love your work. I have a visual feedback. See what you think. I used Photoshop and Camera Raw. I made the background black. Used the filters in Camera Raw, Neural Filter under Filter.   Posted: 03/29/2023 22:37:24
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Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
I whitened the eyes, whitened her teeth, made her eye-brows darker and made her lips darker.   Posted: 03/29/2023 22:39:45
Peter Elliston   Peter Elliston
Linda,thanks for the feedback. I like most of it! I think the whitening of the eyes is perhaps a little too much but the rest really works well. Thank you.   Posted: 03/30/2023 03:11:17