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Great Central Railway by Robert Knight

February 2021 - Great Central Railway

February 2021 - Robert Knight


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There are a number of heritage steam railways in UK and my image was taken at the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire. Every year they hold theme weekends and this one was a 1940s theme. It was very well attended and many visitors dress in 1940s clothes, many of which can be bought at specialist stalls at the event itself. There are also groups of re-enactors dressed in military uniforms and they bring along old weapons used in the second world war. I asked the people in my image for a photograph and the little boy stood absolutely still and we could not get him to relax which caused the amusement of the two re-enactors who were with him and made for a good picture. I cropped the image slightly and reduced the saturation using the "Old Style" preset on the Hue and Saturation layer. I also removed some colour distractions. The original image was taken at 1/160sec, f8 and ISO 200

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Zina Mirsky   Zina Mirsky
A charming photo! That little boy is perfect in every way - and contrasts nicely with the good humor of the adults. I like the 'old style' edit. I wonder whether using sepia over all might have also taken care of the orange tinted footstool, but you corrected that nicely. I did try that edit in LR and didn't like the outcome, largely because his little green necktie turned very bland. I like the color contrast to bring my eye to his shape.   Posted: 02/02/2021 13:08:09

Bob Wills   Bob Wills
I like the composition of your image. The positioning of the three subjects is good, and my only suggestion would be to have some separation between the 2 men. There are mergers behind them also that maybe a different location of them or you could eliminate. Their expressions are wonderful, as is your explanation of why they are laughing. The image is sharp (f8) and the exposure is right on. Midday shots can be converted to B&W to help with the flat lighting. Opening up the lens would decrease the Dof and move the subjects forward for more emphasis. Photoshop can accomplish the same thing by adding a gaussian blur layer if you are interested in the more artistic aspects of photography. You can also remove the mergers. Nice shot, Robert

  Posted: 02/18/2021 11:43:48
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