David Norris  

Butcher's Perch by David Norris

October 2020 - Butcher's Perch

About the Image(s)

This image was taken with a Nikon D7500, 70-200mm lens with a 2x teleconverter. F/5.6, 1/400s, ISO 1000, 35mm focal length of 600mm

I’d been watching this Butcher Bird for weeks, these birds are a bit shy and skittish particularly to my movements with the camera. This particular perch is in fact in my next door neighbours house and popular for this particular bird. Since taking this image I haven't seen the bird sit in this spot since, I have heard her but not actually seen her. The spring canopy has changed not affording her the clear views she had before.

I liked the way the perch is frames and the background I feel works well. In terms of processing I have warmed up the color tempurture, sharpened and cropped to the 16:9 aspect ratio, added a soft vignette and added some selective dodge and burn to the bird.

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Zina Mirsky   Zina Mirsky
I am delighted to learn about birds of the world through these pictures! The Butcherbird was a favorite sighting when I visited Australia long ago. This one is crisp and clear where it matters, and the bokeh/blur of the surroundings is pefect as a frame. The vignette is barely perceptible and leads me to think that you've feathered (no pun intended) and softened it for this effect.   Posted: 10/11/2020 08:34:13

Robert Knight   Robert Knight
I like the way you have highlighted the bird with the vignette. The bird is good and sharp and the texture of the branch adds to the scene. I think the image would be better by cropping out the heavy branch at the top and maybe a slight crop right and left so that the bird is still pleasantly positioned on the third looking into the picture. It would be good to see the original image.   Posted: 10/19/2020 16:47:30


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