Jeffrey Pawlan  

Female Verreaux’s Sifaka Lemur Searching for Food with a Baby on its Back by Jeffrey Pawlan

April 2021 - Female Verreaux’s Sifaka Lemur Searching for Food with a Baby on its Back

April 2021 - Jeffrey Pawlan


About the Image(s)

Equipment and settings:
Nikon D750 with Nikon 70-200mm lens
1/1000 sec f/2.8, focal length 200mm
Editing was done with Lightroom

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Stanley Selkow   Stanley Selkow
Jeffrey. I love the faces - the mother (I assume) looking on apprehensively for possible danger, and the baby hanging on an looking around curiously, trying to learn about the world. A couple of questions are whether it'd be possible to sharpen the baby's face, and whether the blue halos around the tree and both lemurs is an artifact (chromatic aberration?) that could be removed.   Posted: 04/01/2021 14:46:57
Jeffrey Pawlan   Jeffrey Pawlan
The blue halos are artifacts in the camera and lens. I tried to remove them but unsuccessfully.

I had the lens set to 2.8 because of the,low light. So the baby's face is out of focus.   Posted: 04/01/2021 16:54:24

Thorro Jones   Thorro Jones
Jeffrey what a great job during your post-editing to bring out the details and colors in the back and white lemur's face and fur. The mother's eye is nice and sharp. I also like the look in the baby lemur's face saying, "don't let me fall!" 😊 I like how you tightly cropped the photo to emphasis the mother and baby lemurs. Great photo and post-processing job.   Posted: 04/03/2021 11:35:12

Sophia Schade   Sophia Schade
Jeffrey, nice image. I agree with Stanley on the blue halos. I don't see that on the original. The something happens to me when I use the auto on the basic sliders. I like the crop .. I would had cloned out the branch to the right. Excellent job on getting the mom's face sharp.   Posted: 04/15/2021 19:01:32

Jeffrey Pawlan   Jeffrey Pawlan
The blue was a characteristic artifact of backlighting in the rainforest and was typical in the D750 and the earlier version of Nikon zooms. It was not seen in the raw file because raw is uncorrected and also does not have the highlights and shadows adjusted. It is not much in my D850 and newer lenses.

I cannot clone out anything because I adhere to PSA rules for PT and PN categories. My local club follows those rules for all competition entries. I also intend to eventually enter it in PSA competitions. If I clone anything in an image then it can only be entered in Pictoral.

  Posted: 04/15/2021 21:20:22


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