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The Pumpkin Tomato by Carol Sheppard

November 2020 - The Pumpkin Tomato

November 2020 - Carol Sheppard


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A friend brought me some tomatos from the last of her garden crop. I have a new camera and have been working with the in-camera focus stacking feature, so I set up the Platypod, a Litra Cube, and my Olympus OMD1 Mark III, and using the Zuiko 60mm macro lens, I did this focus stacking exercise. Actually, this one was stacked in Helicon Focus, with about 21 images. Then I adjusted the black and white points, then applied three NIK filters, and then used Photoshop to even out the White around it and to eliminate some blemishes and hot spots.

ISO64, f2.8, and 1/4 sec.; the camera takes the multiple shots and adjusts the distance in microscopic bites.

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Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
I like the result, Carol, as the attention is on the skin detail which is sharp, and the background is out of focus but giving context. The dark area, bottom left, might be better removed.
If you'd intended more depth of field, then either the step was set too small or you didn't take enough frames. I have an M1ii, and Olympus give no help in understanding how the internal automatic step size relates to the shift in focus. I've spent many hours measuring what the camera is doing with various settings, and trying to summarise it all in a way simple enough to use during a shoot. The step size does change with the aperture set and the focus distance. I haven't succeeded yet! If you'd like me to dig out my records and results, I'd be happy to do so.   Posted: 11/09/2020 13:52:42

Carol Sheppard   Carol Sheppard
Thank you, Stuart! And yes, any help you can give is so appreciated. I'm not an experienced focus stacker, but had more success with my Canon. Olympus is TERRIBLE when it comes to manuals/instructions. As for the small dark area, I have to admit to not seeing it (?!). It should have been removed!
  Posted: 11/10/2020 10:47:02

Barbara Asacker   Barbara Asacker
Hi Carol,
I see your original image and I like it. In my opinion it appears to be sharper than the posted image.   Posted: 11/12/2020 16:12:00

Bill Foy   Bill Foy
I agree with the beginning of Stuart's comments. I'm really curious about the size of the tomato?

Carol, before you begin to reply would you please click on the "Reply" button to keep the conversation(s) in context.   Posted: 11/18/2020 14:58:19
Carol Sheppard   Carol Sheppard
Not that large; about the size of two cherry tomatoes.
  Posted: 11/18/2020 21:34:23

Tom Pickering   Tom Pickering
I guess I'm confused. Is the main image your result or one of the slices? What is marked as your original is all in focus, as I would expect of a stack.

The problem with letting the camera alter the focus in incremental steps is that you can't be really getting 1:1. For 1:1, the lens must be set to 1:1 and not changed through all the slices. That requires the camera to move, not the focus point. The way around that is to add extension tubes of around 60mm, then you'll be closer to 2:1 to start. Otherwise, if the focus changes, you're getting a close-up that's nearly macro.   Posted: 11/19/2020 18:21:23