Jean Wu  

Peggy's Cove Fishing Village by Jean Wu

September 2020 - Peggy's Cove Fishing Village

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This image was one of many photos I took at Peggy’s Cove. I like this image as it was taken when the sky cleared up that day at that time with good lighting to take this shot. Technical info: Canon 7D, ISO 100, AV mode, EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lenses @ Focal Length 28.0mm, PS post processing.

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Jerry Paskowitz   Jerry Paskowitz
Jean, Your image is "picture postcard". I don't want to be too critical, but this image may have benefitted from a graduated ND filter. The good news is that you could take the exposure down a notch in PP to get the sky a bit more saturated.   Posted: 09/07/2020 09:19:36

Ed O’Rourke   Ed O’Rourke
This photo is very captivating for me. I am most attracted by the colors and the way they work together and their vibrancy. I think the "almost" stillness of the water allowing for the reflection of the red building in the water is a strong plus. For me the focus and depth of field are very good with sharp detail throughout. I also like the composition with the positioning of the buildings with the taller on the left and then leading my eye down to the center of the image. Great Job!

P.S. I agree with Jerry about this being a "picture postcard". Actually I googled "Peggy's Cove" and FineArtAmerica has an image of this very scene for sale, however it was taken from a different angle than yours and I believe you did a much better job!   Posted: 09/08/2020 14:00:25
Jean Wu   Jean Wu
Thank you so much for your nice comments!! I had many bad photos from the same day when I was at Peggy's Cove. It is all about the right time with the right light. The place is beautiful. If you were there at the right time with good light, you can't take bad photos.   Posted: 09/08/2020 14:08:38

Jean Wu   Jean Wu
Jerry, Your point taken. Appreciate your feedback!!   Posted: 09/08/2020 14:00:49

Michael Nath   Michael Nath
Jean, I agree with Ed about why the image is so captivating.

I also am human and often take many less than perfect photos in order to get the one that everyone appreciates. This one is not lacking anything in my opinion.   Posted: 09/08/2020 16:56:18

Paul Smith   Paul Smith
Jean, the colors in your image are captivating; they grab my attention. However, I'm waiting to hear the image's story. In my view, the issue is a lack of an "interesting subject" need an actor in this play! A man smoking a pipe, or a kid with a fishing pole that explains why you took the photo. Just my thoughts!   Posted: 09/09/2020 12:09:44
Jean Wu   Jean Wu
Sorry no story! I arrived the place around 1:00 pm, not really a good time for photography. The sun was in and out at that time. I was not able to get a decent photo of Peggy's Cove landmark, the lighthouse, so I walked around the village, and spot this location. It was perfect timing that the sky cleared up at that time. I immediately attracted by the colors, the reflection of the building, the quietness, and I was so happy to notice no tourists there at the time as well. I usually exclude people in my images, especially pictorial kind of photos. I preserved the original saturation/exposure and used PS to remove distracted object on the left side.   Posted: 09/09/2020 17:04:58

Darcy Quimby   Darcy Quimby
I love this picture and agree it is post card perfect. What draws me in is the reflection and all of the edges and lines in the buildings. Great JOB   Posted: 09/15/2020 17:46:35
Jean Wu   Jean Wu
Thank you for your nice comment!!   Posted: 09/16/2020 11:37:51

Jeff Coyle   Jeff Coyle
I really like the red building (especially the texture in the shingle siding) and its reflection. I think it might have been more interesting to zoom in on that more and perhaps pan to the right. The modern looking home, in my opinion, detracts from the shot and forces you to show too much sky on the right.

What was your aperture/shutter speed? I'd love to see this with a longer exposure.   Posted: 09/19/2020 08:25:24
Jean Wu   Jean Wu
Thanks for your comment!! I used AV mode, 1/100s @ f/11.0. I haven't mastered using long exposure on the water yet except waterfall. I certainly will try to use long exposure when I go out to photography CA coast, lakes, and beaches again, whenever that will be :-(   Posted: 09/20/2020 12:34:31


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