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June 2020 - 6024

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This was the first time I had seen the northern lights. This was actually the second night in Yellowknife NWT Canada the last week of August 2019. I was in awe even though it was early in viewing season and the colors were not as deep as some of the pictures I've seen it was amazing watching them dance. I used a tri-pod, a camera trigger., my canon rebel T5, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. The settings ISO 1600 F2.8 20 sec. Post processing I brought up the highlights a little bit.

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Jerry Paskowitz   Jerry Paskowitz
The Aurora Borealis is always magical. This is a very good rendering. I might consider cropping the indistinct foreground. I do like the tree on the right side of the frame.   Posted: 06/02/2020 16:30:48

Darcy Quimby   Darcy Quimby
Jerry I wanted to leave some space so your eye moves up to the dock then to the reflection in the lake. I could possible clone out the rock by the tree on the right. Is this what you meant.   Posted: 06/02/2020 16:46:19

Paul Smith   Paul Smith
Is that a "dock" in the foreground. If you were to raise the shadows, what would we find in the foreground? The night sky is wonderful...and good reflections.   Posted: 06/03/2020 16:00:43

Darcy Quimby   Darcy Quimby
Yes Paul it is a dock. If I brought up the shadows would I do it on the whole photo or would I create a mask just over the foreground and raise just those shadows?   Posted: 06/03/2020 16:13:26
Paul Smith   Paul Smith
You may wish to begin by "raising" ALL shadows. That would allow us to see the dock, and the shoreline on the opposite side of the water. If you only want to enlighten the dock area, try using a gradient filter to cover only the bottom of your image. Play with your exposure slider to raise the light.   Posted: 06/07/2020 10:13:20

Michael Nath   Michael Nath
Well done Darcy! I like the image as is. If you do lighten the foreground, definitely use a gradient and experiment with the the amount you lighten.   Posted: 06/09/2020 23:09:41
Darcy Quimby   Darcy Quimby
Thank you Michael for the suggestion I will try it.   Posted: 06/27/2020 18:33:27

Dan Mottaz   Dan Mottaz
Hi Darcy, what a nice photo. I bet the experience of being there was extraordinary. I feel your composition is perfect. There's some discussion about the lower area being dark. I'm not sure if that's really a problem. To my eyes, it fits the scene. If you would like to bring up the shadows, I would follow Paul's suggestion and bring up the Shadow slider and brush it in so the entire image is not affected. Be careful not to bring the shadows up too much. You will introduce noise.   Posted: 06/14/2020 12:30:25
Darcy Quimby   Darcy Quimby
Thank you so much. This was the first time seeing the lights and it was an amazing event.   Posted: 06/27/2020 18:34:46

Ed O’Rourke   Ed O’Rourke

Your photo has a good impact on me as it makes me feel a bit in awe of the vastness of nature. I've not done much night photography and I have never seen the Aurora so I don't have an idea of the problems involved in photographing them so I'll leave the technical critique to the other, more qualified, members of our group. I like it. I like balance with the sky and the ground below and I appreciate the reflection in the water. To me its a little dark but that is a positive for me as it helps create more of a mood. Guess I'll have to go out and try some night photography now that you've given me a good example.   Posted: 06/16/2020 11:25:59
Darcy Quimby   Darcy Quimby
This was the first time I had ever attempted night photography so I think it was beginner's luck   Posted: 06/27/2020 18:36:10