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A Woman A Cat and A Msn by Lou McLove

March 2023 - A Woman A Cat and A Msn

March 2023 - Lou McLove


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This image was taken while in Morocco this past September. In my opinion the interaction or rather lack of it between the man and woman on the bench is interesting. Do they know each other? Perhaps but perhaps not, they give nothing away.

Camera Canon 5D IV, lens Tamron 28-300 at 236mm, ISO 3200, f/10, 1/1600 second. The image was cropped and straightened in LR. Also, I toned down the highlights, lightened the shadows and dehazed the image a significant amount.

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Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Nice cat capture. To me, the two are sitting waiting for a bus and do not know each other. Neither is even paying any mind to the cat. I converted it to black and white and cropped a little further.   Posted: 03/09/2023 15:19:03
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Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Thanks for the comments Chuck. The B&W does look good. I did not crop the left side more because I like the end of the bench to be included.   Posted: 03/22/2023 09:43:18

Beth Payne   Beth Payne
Love the cat! I also feel like the woman is angry at the man - like they just had a hard conversation and she turned away in disgust. There is a lot going on here and I've created an detailed story in my head. I like it in B&W.   Posted: 03/13/2023 09:34:31
Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Hi Beth, I does look like she is miffed at him. Perhaps she is. I agree about the cat, to me the cat makes the image much more interesting.   Posted: 03/22/2023 09:44:25

Marianne Barnhardt   Marianne Barnhardt
The body language and facial expressions tell so much of any story you can imagine. The Moroccan "black" cat walks by as if it were the only one in the scene. Very unusual for a cat not to be curious.I like it cropped. Almost looks like a hidden rabbit in the top left corner. Cool capture,   Posted: 03/28/2023 18:08:54
Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Thanks Marianne. I see the rabbit.   Posted: 03/29/2023 09:44:32

Susan Robinson   Susan Robinson
You have brought us closer to the picture by cropping. I like that. I see they are both wearing blue and so they probably are related. In a place like Morocco they probably wouldn't have stuff on the bench between them if they were not connected in some way, I would imagine. I like the colours and the cat. It's a good street scene.
  Posted: 03/31/2023 06:47:49