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Market 3 by Geoff Shaw

October 2020 - Market 3

October 2020 - Geoff Shaw


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This is an image I took in the main market hall in Cusco, Peru. This was a snap photo I took in passing. I loved the expression on the women’s faces. One could build up some interesting narratives about their lives and relationships. I converted to Monochrome to avoid the distractions of all the colour of the original that took the eye away from the women. Canon 7D, 24-105 @ 46mm 1/60; F4; ISO500

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Lou McLove   Lou McLove
I think you have handled this image well. I like the colors in the original but I agree with you that the B&W tell the story of the two women much better. I like the overall sharpness and the details in the shadows. For street photography I like catching a quick shot the best when I can get my photo without influencing the scene. Just a thought, if you lightened up the face of the woman on the right just a bit that may draw more focus to her.   Posted: 10/04/2020 14:18:52
Geoff Shaw   Geoff Shaw
Thanks for the suggestion Lou. Brightening the face of the woman on the right is better, I think.   Posted: 10/04/2020 16:45:04
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Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Agree with Lou, very well done conversion to monochrome. I opened it in Luminar 4 and used the portrait mode and the face light slider at 70%. Then did a few dodge and burns. Had to play around with the ladys chin dodging. Hope it is not too much. Nothing else.   Posted: 10/04/2020 16:19:26
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Geoff Shaw   Geoff Shaw
Thanks for the feedback Chuck. I've made a revision with a brighter face (see reply to Lou's comment)   Posted: 10/04/2020 16:46:18

Albert Lee   Albert Lee
I agree with Lou and Chuck that you did a great job in converting this photo into monochrome. By removing the bright colors of the fruits, you were able to shift the viewers focus to the main subjects. The photo has also great tonal range making it very crisp. The fruits not only create interesting foreground but an excellent frame for the main subjects. Lastly, the fruit stand at the center provides excellent leading lines, shifting the viewer from one subject to another.By the way, I also love to take market scenes during my travels.   Posted: 10/05/2020 05:47:04

Marianne Barnhardt   Marianne Barnhardt
True street photography. Taking away the color gives it a new dimension of the two peoples lives. Great photo. I like the tonal range and the flow. What an amazing market. Would love to see that shot at the end of their day. :-)   Posted: 10/05/2020 10:01:00

Brandon Montgomery   Brandon Montgomery
I like the conversion to monochrome on this image. I believe it helps bring out the story. The subjects are well captured and they add an excellent story to the photo. I see the name of the image is called Market 3. Is this part of a series?   Posted: 10/06/2020 07:44:21
Geoff Shaw   Geoff Shaw
Thanks. Yes I have a few more taken at the market, but this was the one I thought was best. When I get some time I will revisit the trip and see if any others are worth working up with post-processing.   Posted: 10/06/2020 21:35:59

Jill Edwards   Jill Edwards
Agree with all, I think monochrome or subdued colour really emphasizes communication between people.   Posted: 10/07/2020 22:08:40


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