Marianne Barnhardt  

Just walking through the Streets by Marianne Barnhardt

August 2020 - Just walking through the Streets

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This picture was taken on the streets of San Francisco California at the docks. This man was walking across the street and behind him in the background was another man leaning on a chair half dressed. There was nothing in between the men, just empty space and it really didn't tell much of a story. When I cropped out the white space I realized that what attracted me to him in the first place was his heavy walk and intense look of something on his mind. I loved the reflection, as it showed the emptiness around, but enough to show the setting and tell the story.
Canon EOS Rebel t i3
F5.0 1/250 50mm ISO 100

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Lou McLove   Lou McLove
To my eye this is a well done portrait. I love the lighting on his face, I think that you have captured a lot of detail. I like that you avoided a merger of the brim of his hat with the image border. I think the reflections set a mood, the viewer (me in this case) cannot really tell what is being reflected.   Posted: 08/04/2020 17:46:32


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