Jill Edwards  

Yarra River at Night by Jill Edwards

December 2019 - Yarra River at Night

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Yarra River at night in Central Melbourne, lots of life about. Panasonic DMC TZ110 f3.2, 1/40 sec, ISO 6400

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Ata Kemal Sahin   Ata Kemal Sahin
(Group 74)
Great angle Jill, nevertheless, high ISO and fast shutter caused grains. Next time; set ISO min, f14-20 in AV mode and let the camera fix the shutter speed and surely you have to use a tripod for long exposure. You will enjoy the result.   Posted: 12/03/2019 06:41:42
Jill Edwards   Jill Edwards
Yes I agree, this shot was taken on a night out with a compact camera and so was what I could get, but I must return with my other camera and a tripod. It is a location with lots of potential in my home city.   Posted: 12/04/2019 18:08:24

Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Since you can return with a tripod go for it. I feel the composition, colors, and tonality would be worth the effort. It is a little soft. I would not reduce the ISO below 2500. With proper exposure that will not be an issue. Try it with the Panasonic. Try bracketing 5 shots at …“ EV +-.   Posted: 12/04/2019 18:54:27

Geoff Shaw   Geoff Shaw
Isn't Melbourne pretty at night. The issue of tripod/exposure time is more complex. A longer exposure would dramatically change the appearance of the water. With a long exposure it would be come a milky blur of colour rather than the discrete specular appearance of the waves captured with a fast shutter speed, so it would be a different picture. The people on the bridge would also end up blurred (or even effectively vanishing, depending on shutter speed and how fast they move). I think this is worth exploring more, with different shutter speeds to see what the effects are and giving you a series to choose from. With short shutter speed/high ISO, there is visible sensor noise which is mostly an issue in the large areas of sky with no other detail to disguise the grain (try on a night with turbulent cloudy skies and I bet you will not see nearly as much grain in the sky). The noise can be largely suppressed using post processing software so don't be afraid to push the ISO if needed to get the other aspects of the image as you want them.   Posted: 12/07/2019 17:18:35

Orest Ukrainsky   Orest Ukrainsky
IF you could return to this site I would experiment with different setting like Geoff mentioned. Maybe even try to get the moon or stars in the image!

Pick a good night and just try various combinations of exposure times and apertures. I always found that I learn best by doing and this location looks like a great place to hang out take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.   Posted: 12/09/2019 19:40:39

Lou McLove   Lou McLove
I think this is a great image, the time of night is good, there is still some color in the sky. I agree with the others about taking more images here, this is a great location and seems to be filled with photo opportunities.   Posted: 12/10/2019 13:29:25

Jill Edwards   Jill Edwards
Thanks everyone, I agree with suggestions and am quite excited to go back and experiment with it all.   Posted: 12/14/2019 19:40:15