Lisa Cuchara  

Capital Angel by Lisa Cuchara

February 2021 - Capital Angel

About the Image(s)

Olympus EM1-M2 converted by LifePixel to full-color spectrum. Supercolor filter, (f8; ISO 200; 1/160; 14-150mm lens @150mm; 300mm in 35mm; handheld).

Custom WB set in camera for this supercolor filter.

My Olympus EM mark II camera was converted by LifePixel (full spectrum conversion) I then use one of these two filters, either of which I can also convert to BW. Filter Band: Hyper Color Infrared (470nm) and Filter Band:Super Color Infrared (590nm). Want more info? go to and then "start here"

Taken 2019 since not much IR work in 2020, but with so much DC in the News this seemed like a good folder for me to open.


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