Rick Pranitis  

Summer Bloom by Rick Pranitis

September 2020 - Summer Bloom

September 2020 - Rick Pranitis


About the Image(s)

The images specifics are: Nikon D-7100 with a Kolari full spectrum conversion. Shot at f/8, 1/125th sec, @ ISO 400. And I was using my 85mm MACRO lens. I shot a series of five images using an Oben Macro focusing rail set at various focusing points. The five images were first processed in LR to adjust the W/B to 4950 and correct for the specific lens (Nikon 85mm 1:3.5 G Micro).

The five images were moved into P/S as layers in a single image and aligned, then masked using the PS image focus stacking option. I applied channel swapping and then converted to B&W. The resulting single image was moved to Topaz Sharpening AI for detail cleanup. The final step was done back in PS for application of the digital mat and watermark.

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Gary Oehrle   Gary Oehrle
I wonder if your work paid off on this subject and would like to see it applied to a subject with more textures, shadows and tone for IR. Spoken with the voice of experience, of course.   Posted: 09/13/2020 14:51:10


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