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Cypress Tunnel by Gary Oehrle

September 2020 - Cypress Tunnel

September 2020 - Gary Oehrle


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Cypress Tunnel on Point Reyes National Seashore, California

A bit of background, this road leads to wireless telegraph receiving station (about 500 yards behind where I was

standing) used for commercial ship to shore communications. Still functioning today but for hobbyists.

I use a Canon T5I with a Super Color IR (590nm) filter from LivePixel with a Canon EFS 18-55 Lens.

My IR images are uploaded using the Canon EOS Utility and viewed in Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4.

The WB was not changed prior to converting to a 16 bit .tif file.

In PS, pass 1, bright areas at center left were lessened by cloning and adjustment brush. Saved as .psd file

In LR, Pass 1, Highlights to -96, Shadows to +99, White and Black points set,; Sharpen Amt to 94, Radius and Detail

no change, Masking 50: Luminance to 5. Sent to Ps

In Ps, pass 2, Adjustments-black and white-blue to -4 from 20 and cyan to 25 from 60; Adjustments-Exposure-Offset

to -0.005 and Gamma correction to 0.94; saved in Lr.

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Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
I love the scene. and the way that you composed it leading to the open white space at the end.

The tree trunks themselves do not have a lot of IR, so you are relying on the foliage.

It needs a little glow (I was watching an IR presentation by Laurie Klein and she mentioned how film IR gave a glow, but digital needs a little glow. You could do an Norton glow.   Posted: 09/13/2020 09:24:25

Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
I did some dodging and burning using a softlight blend mode layer and added a glow   Posted: 09/13/2020 10:26:49
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Gary Oehrle   Gary Oehrle
Nice work, I like your result. I was actually going for the dark and foreboding look. Yes bark which does not have much IR content. Thanks for the L. Kline reference   Posted: 09/13/2020 14:13:25


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