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Mesquite Dunes  by Henry Heerschap

September 2020 - Mesquite Dunes

September 2020 - Henry Heerschap


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We visited Death Valley for the first time in April of 2019. One of the better known features of the park are the Mesquite Dunes located right off one of the main roads. We trudged our way up to a high point where I made this image. I liked the contrast between sand formations and the distant mountains. The converted camera accentuated the contrast by cutting through much of the haze seen in my unconverted camera. It also brought out the texture in the sky. Normally the footprints all through these popular dunes can be annoying, but I liked the way they lead into the scene here.
Processed in Lightroom, Photoshop and Silver Efex Pro II. I removed one of the foreground bushes to clean up the composition a bit.
Sony A6000 converted with a 72nm filter, Sony 18-105 f/4 lens. 1/60 second, f/10, ISO 200, 105mm. Shot handheld.

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Gary Oehrle   Gary Oehrle
Nice image. Lots of tones and texture   Posted: 09/13/2020 18:26:47

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
(Groups 36 & 67)
I think this image is all about textures and you managed to bring out some excellent detail. I fully agree, the footprints add interest to this image.   Posted: 09/25/2020 13:12:21


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