Jim Hagan  

Deserted by Jim Hagan

November 2019 - Deserted

November 2019 - Jim Hagan


About the Image(s)

I photographed this abandoned farm building with a wide angle lens - 15 mm, 1/640, F/7.1, with ISO at 200. I converted the image to mono using a Nik silver effect filter. After my conversion I did not like the small clouds showing through the tree branches as they looked like cotton bolls hanging
from the tree - so I darkened them. I did not like my initial conversion which was of the entire photo so I cropped the image to show primarily just the building. But, I did not like that image either so then I cropped less of the original image and included the building, the tree and some of the farm land in my final image on whichI used a warming filter.

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Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
I love abandoned houses! The dark sky is a good indicator of IR.

I like how you cropped the image to include less foreground. To my eyes the horizon seems falling to the right, perhaps try to straighten it. The tree shadow in the bottom almost acts like a vignette. The tree dominates, and it grows out of the frame on the top and right, seems like the tree becomes the main subject, rather than the house.

  Posted: 11/18/2019 09:55:00


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