Lisa Cuchara  

old car by Lisa Cuchara

October 2019 - old car

October 2019 - Lisa Cuchara

Original 1

October 2019 - Lisa Cuchara

Original 2

About the Image(s)

Shutter speed: 1/320 sec; Aperture: 11; ISO: 500
Flash: Off; Metering mode: Multi-segment
Focal length: 17mm

Camera converted by Lifepixel This one is Supercolor (Blue)

I have a custom WB in-camera.
I included the SOOC version, plus a version (brown) that I edited using the Nik/DxO Color Efex filter.

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Jeff Fleisher   Jeff Fleisher
I like how the monochrome truck is set off by the blue background. The colors in the background are soft so do not compete with the truck.

I might have moved the truck to the right edge so that it was moving into the frame as opposed to being close the left edge and trying to leave the frame.   Posted: 10/09/2019 14:29:42

Rick Pranitis
I really like this image, the story it tells of abandonment comes through clearly. And I especially like the color treatment; giving the illusion of visible spectrum on the car while pushing the surreal IFR of the background. It makes a powerful image.

Only comment to the overall image is it looks to me your dept of focus was a bit elongated. That is to say I think your focus point looks to be on the windshield of the car versus the front point of the hood. Had you backed up the focus point the dept of field would have shortened and put the trees in the background a little more out-of-focus. Just my opinion - might have made a stronger impact in the final result. I also would have moved a bit to the left to take the picture, it would have reduced the distortion of the car - again just my opinion.

But regardless, I do like the image.   Posted: 10/10/2019 13:31:48

Judy Murphy   Judy Murphy
When I view this old abandoned car deep in the woods it evokes a feeling of tension, of ageing, of being forgotten but still very much present & wanting to be noticed.

This old car placed on the left side of image with wheels headed outside the frame is a little unsettling provoking this tension. Lovely soft curvy lines with soft focus on its front end.

Focus goes sharp at the windshield, and slightly soft again on background trees but not enough to separate them from subject.
The fallen tree truck is a bright distraction.

I prefer the brown NIK/DxO conversion as it's softer overall and less crunchy. Both the car & the woods are softer; the mood is almost peaceful, serene, and accepting without the tension.
And the brown color palette is warmer helping support those feelings while the cool blue tones help add tension.

  Posted: 10/17/2019 10:27:59


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