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Midnight Flower by Jeff Fleisher

October 2019 - Midnight Flower

October 2019 - Jeff Fleisher

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October 2019 - Jeff Fleisher

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I've attached three images.... raw image which I believe you call sooc, and intermediate image which has the normal 100% red and blue color swaps (orange/yellow vegetation color) and then a final image after some post processing.

Camera Info: Nikon D7000 with 590nm IR conversion; Nikkor 18-135mm zoom lens at 66mm; f/5.6, 1/1250, ISO 100;
Camera on Tripod

Deion:I like closeup/macro photography so it was natural for me to take a picture of a flower as one of my first IR pictures. I received my modified Nikon camera back from LifePixel about two weeks ago. It has the SuperColor, 590nm, conversion. I used Nikon NX-D software to do a white balance setting via a gray card in a separate image. I then used Photoshop to do a standard 100% red and blue channel color swap which gave me the yellow/orange vegetation image as an intermediate image. I then used ON1 Photo Raw 2020 (beta) for post processing to crop and play with hue/saturation settings. That gave me the final image.

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Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
I love the flowers and the petals and the color. The center of the flower is especially wonderful. What fun!

I too love the supercolor. My camera is converted full spectrum and I use that filter 97% of the time. I am still mastering WB, as my image will look like your finished image on the LCD, but in LR/PS it looks weird. I was using RAW + JPG for a tad, because I wanted to get the RAW images to look more like the SOOC JPGs, but now have found that I can use the Olympus workspace (free) and that keeps the WB that I set in-camera, which is wonderful.

I am surprised by the noise in the image, especially at 100 ISO. The yellow intermediate does not seem as noisy. The flower also seems sharper in that version.   Posted: 10/09/2019 00:56:24

Rick Pranitis
Hi Jeff,
I like the composition of the image, and your modification to arrive at the final result was a good choice. But I too wonder about the noise in the image. The sensor on the D7000 (albeit an APSC/DX format) should produce a sharper image than this, especially at ISO 100. I'm wondering if the NX-D software is introducing the noise when you push the WB to such an extreme. Just a thought. Overall I like the image.   Posted: 10/10/2019 13:16:37
Jeff Fleisher   Jeff Fleisher
Thanks for your comments. I think I introduced the noise by trying to blur the background. As Lisa said, the orange version looks sharper and it is. I used the luminosity mask in ON1 software to create a mask to separate the flower from the background and then used a blur filter to try and soften the background. It probably didn't work as well as it could have. I normally blur out the background for flower images in the camera but with still trying to understand how the IR camera works I didn't do that on this image. I think by adding the blur filter it added noise that I should have removed. I'll know better next time!!   Posted: 10/10/2019 13:30:18


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