Lisa Cuchara  

Flower Walk at Longwood Gardens by Lisa Cuchara

August 2019 - Flower Walk at Longwood Gardens

August 2019 - Lisa Cuchara


About the Image(s)

Olympus EM1-M2 converted by LifePixel to full-color spectrum. Supercolor filter, (f8; ISO 200; 14-150mm lens; 28 mm in 35mm; handheld).
removed yellow in ACR, content aware fill the lensflare.

Original 1 = SOOC (this was actually a three image stitched pano in ACR, hence the different look

I love seeing in IR in the mirrorless system, so much more fun than my previous dSLR.
I do find white balance challenging. WB in camera has been working well. I have my C1 and C2 set for super color and hyper color and can adjust that if needed. I also have one C3 which shoos in monochrime, which is a great for composing. The file is RAW, so the ACR opens in color allowing me to edit the RAW file.
WB in post is very challenging! What I see on the back of my camera is not what Adobe sees!

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Jim Hagan   Jim Hagan
(Groups 11 & 18)
I love the leading lines in your revised image and the overall composition. I have not had much success in my IR photos other than just converting to mono so I greatly appreciate the opportunity to see what others can do with their IR images.   Posted: 08/01/2019 14:45:30

Judy Murphy   Judy Murphy
If I understand correctly, you set your custom WB in camera (on grass if in a natural setting or on concrete if in an urban setting.) I don't understand what it means or how to set a custom button for "super color" or "hyper color". Could you explain?

It doesn't appear you channel swapped in PS, so common with IR. Could you explain your reasoning?

This composition has a lot of depth; lovely detail in the brick that leads you back into the garden scene. The grassy aprons and flowers on both sides add a sense of balance but the tall pine overtowering the large egg shaped tree keeps getting my attention. I feel more negative space on the other side of the walk would help balance these heavy tall trees. Perhaps it's in your pano?

I like how you've straightened the sky details from diagonal to more level (how'd you do that?)and removed the flares and did away with the digital yellow sky.   Posted: 08/07/2019 21:56:09

Rick Pranitis
Love the WB adjustment to bring out the blue. leading lines are perfect but I do feel a bit of off balance with all the trees on the right - that could just be me. Overall I'd say this is a great first contribution to this group.   Posted: 08/08/2019 12:12:58

Jim Berger
I like the leading lines of the bricks, but the right side is to heavy, and I find the blue to be distracting.   Posted: 08/27/2019 10:50:39