Ginny Salus  

Quetzal by Ginny Salus

October 2019 - Quetzal

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I took this photo last winter in Costa Rica with a Canon SX60hs. The photo was taken just after dawn and the lighting was not great. The photo was cropped and Lightroom was used to try to enhance the photo. Suggestions for how to do this better?

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Evelyn Forsyth   Evelyn Forsyth
Interesting bird. I am glad you got the whole tail feathers in the photo.   Posted: 10/17/2019 11:33:01

David Bornmann   David Bornmann
Interesting bird. The eye and the feathers on his head eye don't look to sharp to me. Great colors.   Posted: 10/19/2019 15:17:11

Julie Pastor   Julie Pastor
A beautiful bird, great colors. I see that the image is a bit soft, and the eye could be a little more in focus. I do like that the bird stands out.   Posted: 10/21/2019 19:43:55

Andrea McLaughlin   Andrea McLaughlin
Very cute bird. I like how the bird has his head turned, I think it adds to the overall photo. I also like that you put all the tail feathers in the photo.   Posted: 10/22/2019 06:29:44

This is a difficult image to get right. Perhaps if it were placed more on the third i.e. a little bit more to the right and the background darkened and the bird lightened. With the light as you described though, it is a well taken shot   Posted: 10/22/2019 08:08:59

Ginny Salus   Ginny Salus
It was difficult, just after dawn and a good distance away. Re cropped at your suggestion but I don't know how to darken the background and not the bird! I will have to learn that!   Posted: 10/25/2019 06:55:04
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