Dhananjay Rao  

Pied Kingfisher by Dhananjay Rao

January 2020 - Pied Kingfisher

January 2020 - Dhananjay Rao


About the Image(s)

This image was taken at Bandipur Tiger reserve, Karnataka, India. One of the largest National parks of Southern India and bordering other state parks forming a Western ghats corridor for many wildlife species like tigers, elephants, Indian gaur etc.

Equipment : Canon 7D Mark 1 with 500mm f/5.6 canon lens with 1.4X extender. From the original image, I cropped the image to the frame I wanted, applied dehaze filter, changed the contrast and brightness. The image with suffix "orig" is the original. Also I removed the branch which came out odd post cropping.
This was my first time use of a 500mm lens and most of the images were not even usable, one few here and there I liked.


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