Margaret Frazer  

King Eider by Margaret Frazer

August 2019 - King Eider

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This image was taken in Pond Inlet, Baffin Island. I shot it with a Canon Mark 1V, 400 mm with an extension. F14 1/2000 sec. I cropped it to a square and concentrated on the bird and not the surroundings.

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Todd Grivetti   Todd Grivetti
(Group 67)
Hello Margaret. Beautiful reflection and calm water in the foreground. Color of the bill is soft and well defined. It would be good to see a little bit more in the foreground from the cropped image. The birds head seems a bit fuzzy and has noise along with the background water.

You may want to try removing some of the noise or reduce the ISO, which you didn't mention in the description. I presume this was a handheld shot. The extender can also distort the image as well. I did play with some adjustments to the image using Lightroom including reducing the highlights to -10, increase the contrast to +12, increased shadows to +25. I left the exposure, whites and blacks at 0. With color I increased the orange to bring the bill outmore and the red for the distal end of the bill. The Orange also brought out the shadow of light on the chest on both the bird and the reflection in the water. With effects, I increased the texture to +16 bringing out the feathers and then decreased the clarity to -53, softening up the image. No vingetting. In Detail this is where you can see a difference - increase the noise reduction softened up the head and the background water bringing out the ripples in the water, as well as increased sharpening ot 17.

I was looking at the histogram and was able to move it a little bit closer to center from the right. This seemed to reduce a bit of the brightness as well. It's just another perspective.   Posted: 08/27/2019 23:27:22
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