Gary Schafer  

Burrowing Owls by Gary Schafer

August 2019 - Burrowing Owls

About the Image(s)

This photo is of two Burrowing Owl owlets who were at the entrance to a burrow where their nest was located. I was told of some possible nests in the back of a church on the outskirts of Coral Springs Florida and drove to the location just before sunrise one morning. I observed a parent fly from and return with food to a burrow and crept to a location far enough from the burrow so as not to disturb them and yet be able to set up a tripod and mount my Canon 5D IV with a Canon 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 L IS II attached. The shot was taken shortly after sunrise. The two owlets had come out from the burrow to wait for the parent to return with food. The photo was taken with the settings: F9, ISO 800, SS 1/3200 and a focal length of 400mm. I used the high shutter speed in hopes of capturing a shot of the parent in flight but it proved to be a good choice as these two were bobbing and hopping around.

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Todd Grivetti   Todd Grivetti
(Group 67)
Very nice capture here Gary. A rare find in the wild. I have yet to see them.

A couple suggestions - Composition is very good and gives good detail with the slight off-center feel. Rule of thirds is well defined here. Nice focus on the eyes on both owls and the color variations is an added feature along with the catch light in the eyes. Light - Overall, a bit washedout with the sun. Being it was sunny and bright, and using a tripod you could have likely gotten by with and ISO of 200 and shutter of 180-200. So, you can definitely use a slower exposure speed (Tv) for shots like this.

Noise - with ISO at 800 you will pick up a bit of noise and it is evident here especially at the tops of the heads and the background. Cropping out the left side of the image will bring the owls into the frame more as it appears to be a lot of dead space on the left.

  Posted: 08/27/2019 23:53:05