Gary Butler  

Upper Falls Sunset by Gary Butler

February 2021 - Upper Falls Sunset

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This image was shot mid-October 2020 in Letchworth State Park. I had to quickly compose to catch the train one the bridge - the first time in 44 years I have seen that happen! I shot at ISO 1000, f/10, 35mm focal length. This is a handheld 3-shot HDR with shutter speeds of 1/250 sec., 1/60th sec. and 1/15th sec. shutter speeds. I did the HDR with correction for ghosting and noting that it was hand held using the middle exposure as the standard from which to de-ghost. Basic corrections were made in LR. Clarity was augmented using Topaz Studio 2 AI Clear. Localized adjustment were made to the rocks and upper banks using Viveza 2. Color Efex 4 was used to add Glamor Glow and a Big Softie Vignette.

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Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
(Groups 35 & 52)
To me, this is a great American scene and I think the painterly look you have given it is wonderful. I would not change a thing about it, but I would frame it and put it on the wall if it was mine. Nice work.   Posted: 02/06/2021 10:28:56

Quang Phan   Quang Phan
Hi Gary. This image is fantastic. Like a drawing picture. I was there last Fall but I could find this place to take picture like this. I like you choose the right time and right place (cloud, brightness, sun...). I love it. The only color on this image I would suggest is grass on the left rock should reduce saturation little bit to make it natural. Thanks for leading me to this place and bring the memory of last Fall.   Posted: 02/13/2021 22:15:28

Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Gary, this is a gorgeous image the likes of which you might only see in a New York State Parks calendar. I like the way you caught the train by quickly making adjustments. The colors are rich and needed to convey the magic of Fall in Western New York.   Posted: 02/15/2021 21:21:03
Gary Butler   Gary Butler
Thanks Charles!   Posted: 02/16/2021 06:27:48

Sanat Kumar Karmakar   Sanat Kumar Karmakar
Dear Gary,
The HRD image has a dramatic effect due to enhancement of sky and color of light on trees. The color of leaves seems to me slightly over-saturated due to its HRD effect. The waterfall has a beauty of its own. Left side of the fall seems to me not sharp due to refraction of sun rays on flying tiny water drops. I have enjoyed the image like a picture.
Thanks for sharing.   Posted: 02/19/2021 12:36:39

Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
What an amazing spot and your timing was right. The sky is exceptional with colors and textures. The bridge nicely frames the waterfall with the arch mimicking a rainbow. The fall coloration looks good to my eye. I think the two gorge sides need to be contrasted by some burning of the right side since its the opposite of where the sun is. And IMHO some burning on the trees above the vapor plume of the fall in order to bring it out a tad. The tree on the right sets a nice frame to the image and perhaps IMHO a slight burning of the left side of the image in the dark underbrush would give a balance to to tree. An exceptional image and your PP was terrific.   Posted: 02/20/2021 15:30:18


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