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Backroads 5 by Trey Foerster

November 2020 - Backroads 5

November 2020 - Trey Foerster


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Intimate display of fall colors are often hidden within woodlands and some can be seen from the edge of Waupaca County backroads. Morning light can often grace young saplings through the woodland canopy for a brief period of time and rewards the fortunate viewer with impressive displays of nature's beauty.

I did get rid of a tree blocking the uninterrupted of the yellow tree and I also eliminated a couple of branches on the woodland floor. I also patched the sky at the top with leaves from other trees. Standard LR and PS processing.Then put into Topaz Studio for adjustments. Tech stuff. ISO 100, 2 seconds, manual, pattern metering, 24mm.

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Gary Butler   Gary Butler
Trey, I love the description - to me it is very thought provoking and took me nicely into the nature setting. It seems to me that the available light at the tree was not sufficient to give you the tonal separation you really would want for this picture. I tried putting it in On1 Photo Raw and boosting the Dynamic Contrast for the tree vs background. I tried adjusting the Tone Curve. Both did not make the tree stand out further - as my eye would have liked it to do. If you have some other techniques that could accomplish this. to me at least, I think it would help.   Posted: 11/02/2020 10:25:30
Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
Like this? I used the dodge tool in PS.   Posted: 11/02/2020 15:47:07
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Gary Butler   Gary Butler
Yes, I do. To my eye that is an improvement. Good job!   Posted: 11/02/2020 16:38:43

Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Yes, using the dodge tool did bring out the beauty you saw in this tree. I liked the skillful way you eliminated the trunk in front of this tree. You have knack for capturing the stillness of forest settings. I appreciated that.   Posted: 11/02/2020 16:55:36

Louis Lo   Louis Lo
It brings out strong autumn breath, I like this color. Your photo looks better after dodge adjustment, which spotlight the yellow tree lets more focusing on it. One suggestion, seems there is a bit empty in front of the tree, those couple of branches may also using dodge adjustment for enrich such environment   Posted: 11/04/2020 04:47:13

Gary La Musga   Gary La Musga
I agree with the others comments and truly like the way you removed the tree in front. I like the brighter light on the tree. when I first saw the picture, i thought an increase in light would help and did. I love the peacefulness of the forest, very nice capture.   Posted: 11/07/2020 01:03:30

Quang Phan   Quang Phan
The photo shows true yellow color of Fall. I like the depth of photo, it lead my eyes go deep to the back from the yellow leaves show in the middle. I would say this picture does not need to do vignette to make it darker around, I like the even brightness of four corners of original picture. I like the removing of the center tree. I agreed with Louis comments. Great picture for Fall nature   Posted: 11/18/2020 11:59:14