Louis Lo  

Mid-Autumn Festival by Louis Lo

October 2020 - Mid-Autumn Festival

October 2020 - Louis Lo


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Fujifilm GFX 50R with Leica R70-200 mm lens, multi-exposure ISO 100 1/320s f5.6 for the moon phase and ISO 100 3s f5.6 for the front landscape.
This image was shoot on 2nd Oct night, while the full moon arise up from the mountain in front of Kap Shui Mun Bridge of HongKong, I selected the scene of the sea instead of the bridge next to it because the reflective light of the moon more attractive to me.
This image was edited with PS, adjusted the highlight, shadow, contrast and color balance.

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Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
I really like the mood of the upper portion of the image. I would cutoff the lights at the bottoms and extend the dark foreground down (as in the image below I quickly altered). There's such a nice interplay between the moon ,the small boat, and the lighted tower at top right, with the foreground island helping with the flow within the image.   Posted: 10/05/2020 09:34:17
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Louis Lo   Louis Lo
Thanks for your comment Trey   Posted: 10/06/2020 10:33:27

Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Louis, what a perfect moon. The blue water in the foreground adds a lot to the mood of this image. I agree with Trey about cropping out or deleting out the street lights. What do you think about this?   Posted: 10/07/2020 11:15:24

Gary Butler   Gary Butler
Louis, to me this image shows a wonderful and believable color to the water. The composition of the moon the island and the water create a setting that I feel looks peaceful and a nice place to be. I believe that the exposure you chose was perfect for the reflected moonlight on the water.

I might have tried a 6 stop ND filter to give the water an even more silky appearance.From my experience, I agree with Trey except that it leaves the foreground too dark but for me still better than having the light standards in the image.

Thanks for sharing.   Posted: 10/07/2020 13:10:38


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