Lou McLove  

Bryce Canyon Arch by Lou McLove

August 2020 - Bryce Canyon Arch

August 2020 - Lou McLove

Original 1

August 2020 - Lou McLove

Original 2

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I took this image in Bryce Canyon a few years ago in the spring. I was fortunate to have a nice snowfall while I was there. My entry is a panorama, when I took the original images I did not have a panorama in mind but while looking at the images I thought this might work even though the originals are not a close match. I think Lightroom did a pretty good job creating the finished product. That being said I think I like the composition of one of the originals as much as the panorama.

Shot with a Canon 7D, Canon 17-85 lens at 17mm. ISO 400, 1/250 second at f/11. For the originals, in Lightroom I increased the exposure slightly, added sharpening and added some exposure to the whites. For the final image I did nothing other than the panorama merge in Lightroom

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Gary Butler   Gary Butler
Lou, I like this picture and I liked the location - Bryce, Zion, et al have so much "eye candy" for the avid photographer. Brings back great memories. To my eye you have done a good job with the post-processing stitching, the sharpness and the color balance. From my experience the eye always wants to be distracted by bright spots so I might suggest locally darkening the rock on the left lower corner and even perhaps removing the partial pine tree.

You will be missed in DD88. Stay in touch   Posted: 08/05/2020 14:02:06

Scott Messer   Scott Messer
Gear image Lou. This is an area that I planned to go to this year but had to cancel due to the pandemic. It's still on my list. I like your composition and DOF. To me the rock on the left is a bit bright. I might have reduced the exposure a little. The snow adds a lot to the image, especially in the background mixed with the green.   Posted: 08/08/2020 10:07:35


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