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Nature Study-2 by Lance Lewin

January 2020 - Nature Study-2

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From my Series: Intimate with Nature

Captured on Eastman double-X/5222 film stock: pushed processed to ISO-400 (native ISO is 250) Post-production a slight adjustment to contrast and Dodging of a few parts of the water. Film negative is natural and part of actual presentation. (Rokkor-X 24mm fixed lens at about F/4.5 to 5.0)

Captured at Kennesaw State Park (2019) early morning while I waded through shallow water with my water-proof boots. Enjoying the many different varieties of light and shadow as provided by early morning sunrise and a thinner than normal winter canopy. Thank you, guys!

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Steven Jungerwirth   Steven Jungerwirth
I really like this - can't remember when I saw a picture captured with film! I like the ripples going in different directions, the shimmer in the water and varying light.

Did you use a 24mm lens deliberately? Seems a longer lens would be better for this shot (unless you crouch down or have cropped)?

Regarding composition - my eyes wander around the image . . . lots of interesting stuff. Is there way (with light) to focus the viewer on the key subject? Or somehow lead him/her through the image? Feels like the leaf in the center is the main subject - but not strongly so?

I'm glad you shared this - there is a bridge over a stream at a local Botanic Garden; next time I'm there - I will try this (without getting my feet wet).

I would have loved to see a fish in the water . . . . :)   Posted: 01/07/2020 10:35:12
Lance Lewin   Lance Lewin
Appreciate your engaging feedback:

The idea is, to roam: it not always necessary to find a main focal point in any type of visual art: in this case, the 24mm fixed glass was used to capture the "whole" and not just the leaf.

In this examination, the leaf is almost hidden for a moment, and is the essence of its proposed appeal. I have another like this, and it is closer - as you suggested. It is also very interesting (as it too, is underwater), but carries an alternative vibe, if you will, unlike the main photograph, above. (I have attached the alternative image here).

  Posted: 01/07/2020 11:29:14
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Jennifer Marano   Jennifer Marano
The photo really evokes the mysterious underwater world where things are not always easy to identify. The leaf is there, but barely, almost lost among the surface ripples and the shimmering light and the mostly obscured shapes of whatever else is down there. A very experiential image, very enjoyable!   Posted: 01/07/2020 23:20:33

This is a very interesting and ponder worthy image, Lance. The rippling water created a wonderful abstraction, while the nearly obscure leaf give the eye a place to rest. The jury is out, for me, however, on the specular highlights. Although I realize they are naturally occurring in the chaos of the abstract and I also give special dispensation as a "film" image, the cluster formations of these blown out blobs appear somewhat like alien invaders to my eyes. In any case, I enjoy looking at this image.   Posted: 01/13/2020 10:21:15
Lance Lewin   Lance Lewin
Hi Mike!
Yup, I had a look at them....they do distract. I may "burn" them to calm them down.

Appreciate the comment. :)   Posted: 01/13/2020 10:55:09

Perhaps a little tighter cropping would be easier with simular results.

  Posted: 01/13/2020 12:17:19
Lance Lewin   Lance Lewin
No. Steven eluded to this as well...the frame as seen and captured, stays. It not always necessary to find a main focal point in any type of visual art: in this case, the 24mm fixed glass was used to capture the "whole" and not just the leaf.

:)   Posted: 01/13/2020 16:04:11