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Palos Verdes coastline by Don Stouder

March 2023 - Palos Verdes coastline

March 2023 - Don Stouder


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The image was taken a few years ago from my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. One of my favorite locations to take drone photos or photos of any kind is the Palos Verdes, CA coastline. I like the saturated colors and the curve of the coastline in this photo. I did replace the uninteresting sky in the original. The altitude of the Phantom was about 131 ft.
Camera data:
1/8000 sec
0 EV
200 ISO

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Janos Demeter   Janos Demeter
Indeed, the saturated colors and the coastline make the photo. The only thing I might suggest is to crop out the two guys from the left (maybe one of them is you) and perhaps also the cars behind. It was a good idea to change the sky.   Posted: 03/05/2023 23:51:56

Don Stouder   Don Stouder
That is a good point, Janos. And it would have been so easy. I just did not think of it.

You are right, one is me. :-)   Posted: 03/06/2023 10:04:40

Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Hello Don, I think this is a great image of the coast. I like the saturated colors and the sky replacement. To my eye this is an image of the coast and the waves so I find the brown road or whatever to be distracting. I think that if you were to crop off most the the brown on the left and some of the brown shoreline on the bottom the viewer would then be focused on the beach. Also, I think that would create a leading line, the curved shoreline, to lead the viewers eyes.   Posted: 03/09/2023 09:00:00

Don Stouder   Don Stouder
Lou, that is a good thought. What I was afraid might happen is that a crop like that might cause an imbalance in the image. But of all of the common composition guidelines, I find the those dealing with image balance the hardest to recognize and understand.   Posted: 03/09/2023 14:33:55

Pete Scifres   Pete Scifres
I'm with Lou on this one. I don't think the left side is helping the image. I'd think about making it a vertical and crop as he suggests. See file   Posted: 03/11/2023 13:05:40
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Don Stouder   Don Stouder
Well, I have to admit, Pete, the vertical crop does not make the image look unbalanced. At least it does not to me. I see your and Lou's point. Thanks.   Posted: 03/11/2023 15:41:06

Drema Swader   Drema Swader
I agree with what the others said, but I think the vertical image loses too much of the beauty of this scene. If you crop it to a square crop by cropping the left side, you still have the entire line of the beach (and I like the diagonal coming out of the lower right corner), more of the ocean with the cloud above it, and part of that lovely green hill above the beach. You would still have part of the bright road in the lower left, but it could be darkened down so it does not draw the eye (I did a quick and dirty job of darkening it, but I would spend more time to make it look better).   Posted: 03/26/2023 22:53:32
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Don Stouder   Don Stouder
Drema, I agree. I like the square aspect ratio better than the portrait approach. If I were to recrop the photo, I would probably do something similar.   Posted: 03/26/2023 23:36:18

Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
Beautiful place to fly Don, wish I had my drone when I was there. I think I like the square crop better, the left side doesn't add to the view. You want to lead the viewer out to the sea.   Posted: 03/28/2023 18:16:19