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April 2021 - GAR1

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Phantom 4 Pro number 7 is still flying. Shot this a few days ago at the Brick Road Cemetery in Ellensburg, WA. I've been working a graves registration project there for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. The monument is placed there for the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) a Veteran Support enterprise formed after the conclusion of the war to end Southern Secession. Still capture JPG, ISO 200, F5.6, aperture priority. Image adjusted in PS 2021, adjusted contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, burned in the monument some more, and cropped. The monument was placed by the Women's Relief Corps 19 in conjunction with David Ford GAR Post 11. Date unknown.

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Don Stouder   Don Stouder
I like the strong diagonal lines the tombstones make across your photo. Also you have made good use of the Rule of Thirds with the placement of the monument. I am not familiar with the settings on the Phantom 4. Can you actually adjust the lens opening, or is it fixed at F5.6?   Posted: 04/05/2021 12:42:53
Bob Patrick   Bob Patrick
The camera on the Phantom 4 Pro is adjustable. Apertures, shutter speeds and modes can be tweaked by the user. I find making camera adjustments in flight are difficult for me. So, I usually go with Aperture Priority and F 8 as much as I can.

Side note: The three blank spots in the picture along the line of headstones with the monument are for 3 Civil War Vets who never got headstones. The local historical society is trying to procure VA headstones for these guys. The snag in the works, which has stalled the project, is the concrete block temporary marker placed by the cemetery for each man over 100 years ago. The VA considers these as headstones because they have the name of the Vet. The VA claims the graves are already marked and don't need Govt. headstones. So, if you ever find yourselves in the position to order a VA headstone for a deceased Veteran, make sure the grave is not marked ( commit theft, vandalism, or whatever is necessary) and state so on the application form.

I have the same problem as the Historical Society. I have a headstone order for a Civil War Vet in the same Cemetery that hit the same snag. In my case the Cemetery staff have had to write letters explaining the little, temporary marker, and sign in blood that the marker is to be removed. The matter is still not reconciled.   Posted: 04/05/2021 18:20:06


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