Lisa Cirincione  

Detroit  by Lisa Cirincione

August 2019 - Detroit

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This is from October 2017... 1/400 sec, f/2.6, ISO 100, jpeg
My first and last time using the drone at work, and in a downtown space. This is a view of the TV trucks I work in from above. I was still new, still learning, and didn't realize that that you shouldn't fly the drone in a congested city area.
I took the drone up, got this photo, and was going to bring it straight back down. But instead of just bringing it back down, I hit return to home, and the drone took off.
It actually landed on the power plant next door, I had to knock on the door of the security office and a really nice security guy went up and got it. Luckily the placement was correct on the DJI app, so he found it right away.
I'll never do that again.

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Lou McLove   Lou McLove
I like the image and that's a great story. Detroit is just up the road from Toledo where I live.   Posted: 08/03/2019 13:29:41
Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
Definitely a learning experience of what not to do. I like Michigan, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Detroit. I usually get to Toledo for a golf tournament, but I didn't go this year. I'll have to look you up if I get offered that job again next year.   Posted: 08/08/2019 14:49:38
Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Yes, do that. Are you referring to the LPGA?   Posted: 08/08/2019 15:07:15
Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
Yes the LPGA event in July... I missed it this year for family issues. I hope to get back on it next year.
  Posted: 08/17/2019 15:57:38

Bob Patrick   Bob Patrick
Great story.   Posted: 08/17/2019 15:55:03
Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
Thanks Bob... yes it was very stressful. Not as stressful as your story though.   Posted: 08/17/2019 15:58:05
Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
Thanks Bob... yes it was very stressful. Not as stressful as your story though.   Posted: 08/17/2019 16:39:46

Vo Dao   Vo Dao
Very interesting story Lisa, if you didn't say nobody know this image special because really challenge by first time drone but in confined space like that - it show flyer should be a high experience. Lucky didn't hit the window !   Posted: 08/17/2019 16:35:45
Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
I was so very lucky.... it didn't hit any windows, the security guard was understanding... and I'll never do that again.   Posted: 08/17/2019 16:41:42