Bob Patrick

Bob Patrick

Until 1985 I really didn’t know the difference between a F Stop and a Bus Stop.

After a serious illness in 1983 I got interested in learning photography. By 85 I was ready for formal training. One class of basic instruction got me the confidence to hang out in Libraries, read the Photography section, and burn film. By 1989 I was using manual Nikon gear and have never looked back. Been through a fortune in medium and large format gear, which added little to my skill, but made for some nice enlargements in the chemical times. I keep a Hassy and Wista around for old times sake, hoping for the right art model, time and location to come together. There is an unfinished project I would like to complete.

Digital came about for me in 2003. Worked my way up to a D800E and have not needed anything better, yet.

Photoshop is still a struggle. Probably always will be. I have tinkered with Digital IR. That’s another extensive field of study, if one wants to do it right.

Got the urge to get into drones in 2017, hoping the drone would help me with reconnaissance, locating a pioneer school house in the mountains. Nope. Too many trees broke up the controller signal.

Today, I hope to use the drone to supplement my landscape work; and maybe sell a few aerial shots to realtors who want them.

PSA has education available I could profit from if I ever learn how to learn. The comments and coaching from participants in two other DD groups help me develop. Looking for some of that luck in this group.