Syed Shakhawat Kamal, QPSA  

HAKALUKI HAOR in Dry Season (Aerial) by Syed Shakhawat Kamal, QPSA
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April 2021 - HAKALUKI HAOR in Dry Season (Aerial)

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This is a compilation of a few video clips created by me, when flying to a special region called haor area in Bangladesh. This is a short documentary made from a helicopter, while flying over the Hakaluki Haor Area of Bangladesh in dry season. During monsoon season it is submerged with enormous water and becomes a Big natural lake for at least a 6 to 7 month period of an year. Hakaluki Haor is a marsh wetland ecosystem of north-eastern Bangladesh. It is one of Bangladesh's largest and one of Asia's larger marsh wetland resources.
A total of 558 species of animals and birds have been identified here, including some very rare “ already declared as threatened, vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species. Some 190,000 people live in the surrounding Hakaluki haor area.
Hakaluki Haor was designated an Ecologically Critical Area (ECA). The surface area of Hakaluki Haor is 181.15 km2.
I will post some videos of the monsoon season of this particular area for a perception as Monsoon as setting in shortly, after this submission.
As usual again In this video I have used the same sting about me, portraying my passion and profession (Photography & Flying profession). I hope you would love & enjoy this presentation.

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Peter Shi   Peter Shi
1. Nice description of marsh wetland in Bangladesh
2. rare aerial video taken from helicopter
3. If cut the long footage short and add some transitions between clips
4. Flying safe   Posted: 03/30/2021 17:05:12

Dick Burr   Dick Burr

• I very much enjoyed watching your video. This aerial view of the Hakaluki Haor Area of Bangladesh is amazing to watch. I envy you and your profession.

• In the beginning of the video, at :30 you were flying toward and then over a herd of cattle or water buffalo. You came upon them and then flew over them so quickly that it was hard to see and enjoy watching them. If you could have slowed down the frame rate for these few seconds, I think it may have made it more interesting.

• There was a short 3 second segment at :41 to :44 where the camera drifted, and it looked like we were seeing the top your leg. That could have easily been edited out.

• I noticed that through-out the flight, the video was a bit jerky. I am sure it is very hard to hold a camera and fly a helicopter at the same time. I think if you used a gimble, it would resolve this problem.

• It looked like it was a hazy day. I think you could have adjusted the contrast of the video to make it look a little sharper.

• I am anxious to see your video of the Hakaluki Haor Area after the monsoons.


  Posted: 04/18/2021 01:00:37

Harry Zhang   Harry Zhang
Hi, Kamal:

Dear friends!I really like your video, more envy your professional and professional, can have the opportunity to shoot when driving a helicopter, very much scene, there is a problem: Are you driving a helicopter while shooting?Feeling the picture is a bit shake, if you add some transitions during the video production, you will be better!I wish you all the best, peace!

Thank You Harry   Posted: 04/19/2021 00:47:21

Rajani Ramanathan   Rajani Ramanathan
Hi Syed, As always, great to see the landscape from the vantage point of a pilot, well done. I really like how you have tracked the sun through the water in the end. I recently learnt about editing tools you can use for video footage to fix exposure, haziness and contrasts, given that a lot of your footage since taken from a flight can be hazy, it might be worth it for you to learn video editing software.   Posted: 04/20/2021 17:03:27


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