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Happy Halloween by Peter Shi
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December 2020 - Happy Halloween

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I have never imaged that CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) videos can be home made until I downloaded the software named “Blender” months ago. It’s FREE! After some practice, I got quite keen on it. An imagination on the stage for the Halloween emerged gradually and I finally built up the model and animation!
No camera, lens and mobil phone used for this project except my computer. Editing with Blender 2.9, After Effects & Premiere Pro.

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Dick Burr   Dick Burr

This was a very enjoyable video. I had never tried to do anything with CGI and now I know why. I downloaded "Blender"
I watched a couple of videos on it and found it to be quite a challenge to master. From what I was seeing in the tutorials and then watching your video, I think it must have taken days and days to learn this and to create this video. I must say that you did a very good job creating this. There wasn't much of a story line to the video, but the uniqueness of it kept me interested. I would think that you would have to spend hours creating a story and then a lot of time trying to figure out how to bring it to life with CGI.

You keep coming up with different unique ways to challenge us with your videos, like your Spring Sprung Video in March, where we watched your plants grow in your home closet. Now you show us CGI. WOW !! Amazing !!

Can you tell us a little more about the process. How did you learn the software "Blender" How long did this project take you?


  Posted: 11/19/2020 22:59:17

Rajani Ramanathan   Rajani Ramanathan
Peter, this is fantastic! I am always inspired at all the different techniques you try and share with us, looks impressive. Hope to give it a try though I am still yet to try the other software you and Dick have already suggested! Thank you again for sharing.   Posted: 11/26/2020 22:19:15

Peter Shi   Peter Shi
Dick and Rajani,
I agree it is really a challenge! It took me a lot of time to learn and practice the software. I had not known the concept of CGI while I was watching the movies like "Star Wars" & The Lion King (2019) … until months ago I watched the short online video named "Spring" created by a few young people with the software "Blender". Then I had it installed in my computer and practiced with online tutorials. I started with simple and easy ones first and learned the concept for beginners, such as Modeling, UV editing, Shading and Rendering (Cycle & Eevee) … And create the still 3D image first, then stepped into the simply animations. When I mastered the basic skills, I was eager to create my own video. Actually I had a bigger imagination of the Halloween scenery, but due to my limited knowledge and ability I can only fulfill part of it. I spent about two weeks (not only day time but all waking hours) to complete this.   Posted: 11/29/2020 17:41:17

Syed Shakhawat Kamal   Syed Shakhawat Kamal
Hello Peter,
Great video by CGI. As everyone agrees, this is a quite interesting project. Just saw some you tube tutorials. Man you need a loads of patience, imagination and creativity to have this special effects. Loved it and it kind of made me interested on the concept of CGI. I knew it previously from many movie like lion kings, Bee story and other animated scene from Hollywood movies. I love specially the Marvel movies where they uses a lot of this.
Thanks man for a new concept to attempt to.
Kamal.   Posted: 12/01/2020 13:40:55


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