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Polar Bear Mother with her child  by Fion Wong
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March 2020 - Polar Bear Mother with her child

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This video and photos were taken in February 2019 in Churchill Canada. Twenty four of us with four vans were traveling inside the National Park with temperatures of 36 C” below zero. I didn’t feel too cold since the wind wasn’t blowing away.

We saw, two times, a Polar Bear Mother with her child on day two and day four which I consider very lucky. There are many photographers traveling all over the world that still haven’t seem any of the Polar Bear with baby during this one month period out of a whole year.

Polar Bear Mothers come back to the National Park every February or so to deliver their new babys, during their pregnancy. Normally they will dig a hole for their overnight stay and the size of the hole could fit two people. Their hole is hard to find because the snow will cover up the hole and her tracks very easily.

I used my Canon 500 lens with my 1DX II and 2nd camera is 100-400 with my Mark IV as video recording machine.

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