Peter Shi  

Day and Night on Mount Baker by Peter Shi
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November 2019 - Day and Night on Mount Baker

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This video was taken this late summer with mobile phone and Canon 5D Mark IV (some still images). Some friend and I spent on the mountain less than 24 hours. We spent the whole night sitting in the car for the Milky-way and star trails time-lapse. Since my lens was not wide enough for the Milky-way, I had to turned my camera 180 degree facing north for star trails. Midnight the lens getting damp and I had to clean it periodically. So the sharpness of star tails time-lapse was not good as I expected. By the way the professional video camera appeared in the beginning was not mine. On that day we happened to meet a professional video team at the mountain parking lot. I took a picture of their equipment and had it as a part of my trip.

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Your movie was impactful and most importantly to me, told a story. You were lucky to have a calm day for reflections! Very smooth videography and I'm wondering if you had your camera on a tripod for the pan? Night sky shooting is difficult especially when there is moisture in the air. I guess you know now to check your lens regularly. I learned that a long time ago. :)   Posted: 11/19/2019 12:57:18

Dick Burr   Dick Burr

Another Very well done, beautiful video. I liked the opening title with the image inside the font, and then zooming into the image.

We all strive to do our best and to learn as we go. The sharpness could have been a little better, but I thought it turned our beautifully. Well Done   Posted: 11/19/2019 23:22:45