Peter Shi  

Day and Night on Mount Baker by Peter Shi
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November 2019 - Day and Night on Mount Baker

About the Image(s)

This video was taken this late summer with mobile phone and Canon 5D Mark IV (some still images). Some friend and I spent on the mountain less than 24 hours. We spent the whole night sitting in the car for the Milky-way and star trails time-lapse. Since my lens was not wide enough for the Milky-way, I had to turned my camera 180 degree facing north for star trails. Midnight the lens getting damp and I had to clean it periodically. So the sharpness of star tails time-lapse was not good as I expected. By the way the professional video camera appeared in the beginning was not mine. On that day we happened to meet a professional video team at the mountain parking lot. I took a picture of their equipment and had it as a part of my trip.


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