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Wisconsin Lighthouses by Dick Burr
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August 2019 - Wisconsin Lighthouses

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A short tour of Milwaukee and Racine Counties in Wisconsin, presented some nice Lighthouse opportunities. Shot with My DJI Phantom and edited with Movie studio Pro

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Syed Shakhawat Kamal   Syed Shakhawat Kamal
Hello sir. Thanks for sharing your lovely video with drone. I love aerial photography. I do some limited aerial photography, not by drone but from my helicopters, when I fly commercial. It is limited because, not always I have another co pilot with me. Aerial photography is drawing me more than normal shootings. I enjoyed and learn a lot from your presentation. I am sharing with one of my aerial shots here, for you to enjoy while flying my chopper in country side. It is by far one of the best I have in my stock.   Posted: 08/14/2019 03:37:42
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Dick Burr   Dick Burr
Kamal, I would love to see a video where you took us up in one of your helicopters and gave us a aerial tour of Bangladesh. That would be really nice to see. Just a suggestion for a future video.

This is a really nice picture of all the fisherman. I bet they were surprised to see a helicopter flying over their heads. Again that would have been nice to see as a video.   Posted: 08/14/2019 19:54:05
Syed Shakhawat Kamal   Syed Shakhawat Kamal
Dick, Thanks for your suggestions. Next time I will also share my aerial video from my helicopter as I edit and compile them for you. Here is one a long time back I have uploaded on FB. This one is from square Hospital rooftop helipad to our home base "Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport" Hope you will enjoy the video.
https://www.facebook.com/SquareAirLimited/videos/1607091246188895/   Posted: 08/18/2019 20:58:04

Peter Shi   Peter Shi
Very nice drone video! I noticed you did a lot improvements in editing. I like the style which you separate the still images into frame effect. Also during 13-14" there are about four image frequent change to match the music rhythm. Two suggestions: 1. What if trim off from 0:58-1:07 to get rid of the jerky part? 2. A few towner footages are not shot straightly, which may be corrected in editing.   Posted: 08/14/2019 17:23:25
Dick Burr   Dick Burr
Thank You Peter. I agree there were several things that I felt could have been done better, but I didn't notice them until the video was completed and I didn't feel like redoing it. If I were to do it over I would cut off the very end of the video where the music started over again. I liked the video where the drone turned and flew toward Lake Michigan, but I didn't like the music ending and then starting over. All in all I was pretty happy with it and I am looking at it as a learning experience.   Posted: 08/14/2019 19:45:47

Syed Shakhawat Kamal   Syed Shakhawat Kamal
https://www.facebook.com/SquareAirLimited/videos/1607091246188895/   Posted: 08/18/2019 20:58:21
Dick Burr   Dick Burr

What a nice video, I Loved It.

Dick   Posted: 08/22/2019 02:06:20


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