Georgianne Giese  

Ancient Firetruck by Georgianne Giese

October 2019 - Ancient Firetruck

October 2019 - Georgianne Giese


About the Image(s)

The image was taken at Fort Apache, in North Carolina. Fort Apache is an extensive collection of tons of discarded stuff, lovingly kept by a really cool old guy. It is open to the public, and photographers eat it up!
While wandering around this city block large junk yard, I came across this old fire engine. Admittedly the image is busy, but there was not much to do about any of that in the junk yard! I wanted to capture the antique beauty of this old piece, and imagine all the runs it went on and perhaps the lives it helped save.
1. Select NIK Color Efex Pro:
a. Darken/Lighten Center
b. Pro Contrast
2. Duplicate top layer
3. Apply Topaz Simplify
a. Cartoon by D. Pacheco
b. Under Simplify and under Edges, reduced Small
c. Under Simplify and under Edges, reduced Weak
d. Reduced Saturation and saturation Boost
e. Fatten edges slightly
4. Duplicate top layer
5. Apply NIK Define to remove some of the noise introduced by Simplify
6. Apply Topaz BW Effects to top merged layer:
a. Select Opalotype group
b. Select Laurel preset with a green filter

3 comments posted

Lance Lewin   Lance Lewin
A very interesting and surely engaging photograph, Georgianne. A very fine example of digital fine art photography, indeed.

However, for me - this composition works better in its original color rendering because a lot is going on and the subject "speaks" to be in color to differentiate between the many fine details, shapes and artifacts. :)   Posted: 10/07/2019 09:26:34

Dirk-Olaf Leimann   Dirk-Olaf Leimann
Wow, I like it. Nothing more to say.   Posted: 10/09/2019 08:49:02

Judith Ponti-Sgargi   Judith Ponti-Sgargi

This is certainly a challenging image to photograph in the junkyard setting and you have conveyed the old world feeling of the engine.

For me, the image is quite busy, and I prefer the color version that helps outline the objects.

I also found that the vertical lines (wall etc), crooked causing further visual confusion.   Posted: 10/09/2019 19:41:04


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