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Majestic Dudh Sagar Waterfalls by Prasad Indulkar

October 2020 - Majestic Dudh Sagar Waterfalls

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Today I submit Image of one of the most beautiful and amazing waterfalls in India. This is the Majestic Dudh Sagar Waterfalls , 2nd largest waterfall of India. The Name Dudh Sagar literally means "Sea of Milk" as you can see in the image the water which falls in 4 tiers gives the fall a milky white effect hence the Name .

This gem of waterfall lies on the borders of Karnataka and Goa , Access to this waterfall is only by walking a long stretch of 8 miles from nearest Railway station . These days you can hire a two wheeler ride and ride as pillion rider on the bikes , the bikers ride very skillfully next to the railway track , literally next to the tracks , as otherwise there is thick forest on one side and moutain terrain on other .

To get this shot there is only one opportunity and that is from a moving train . I clicked this image from a moving train , while the train was approaching the station few miles away from the waterfall. As you can see this is a very high fall , 320 Metres with 5 drops.

I used my old Sony Camera SLT -A55 with kit lens and shutter speed of 1/160 ., ISO 100 f/6.3 @35mm focal lenght . I wanted to click this in its full glory , Hence i travelled to this fall with friends in month of August , when the rain water makes this fall even more beautiful as in other seasons the waterfall does not have much water.

clicking from a moving train has some issues , first and foremost is to secure a place in the doorway , as to sit in the open door space is most sought out place in these trains , everyone wants to see the beauty of the landscape in monsoons , and enjoy all the waterfalls enroute as this is rail route has the most beautiful terrain views in India during the monsoons, many people just travel to and fro in the Trains to enjoy these views , i have done it a few times. as otherwise the terrains are inaccessible by road. The railway tracks cuts through the difficult terrains of mountains and valleys and deep forests. Monsoon lush green rice fields, moutains and valleys filled with trees , lot of birds to be seen and few hundred waterfalls which only are seen in monsson due to rain water . all in all the train travel in itself is one small vacation . and thats why to get a place in the door way is challenge . I occupied my spot 3 hours prior to this waterfall location , I did not get up even for bio break because i did not want to give up my spot . I was drenched due to the rains . Had my camera wrapped in plastic bag ready to be used only to make shots of the waterfalls.

so when the train was approaching the spot , please note that we get only a couple of minutes to shoot it , as the train is moving very fast and due to the trees growth there is very little scope of getting a complete frame of the falls without the tree branch or leaves coming in foreground.

So i kept my camera in Burst mode and shot quiet a few shots while the train was passing from the location . I got a few clear shots , this one is one of the best. Many other clicks i have trees and leaves obstructing the view.

I was happy with my images and was happy that my efforts did give me the fruits i wanted .

This image was clicked on 9th August 2013. I hope you enjoy it as much as i have enjoyed the whole experience. And if you ever travel to india , Please plan your travel such that it is monsoons , and you take the trains from Goa to Karnataka and see this magnificient waterfalls and many more to be enjoyed only during the peak Monsoons.

Stay safe everyone and happy clicking.

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Andrew Klein   Andrew Klein
What a scene. I love it. Some thoughts, the lack of crisp sharpness is probably the effect of shooting from a moving train. Can't help that and who wants to miss this! Seems a tad blown out at the top and wonder if some cropping might help. As always, nice work,   Posted: 10/17/2020 13:43:21
Prasad Indulkar   Prasad Indulkar
Hi Andrew

Thanks for the review and appreciation , Yes the image is blown out on top as i wanted to get the fall and trees better exposed , There was lot of water droplet in air , mist , my camera lens was getting misty quiet often , i had kept a cloth to keep cleaning it often. still i guess some frosting did happen , hence the softness of image i Guess. I tried Cropping but it was not appealing to me . So i kept this edit . Also this was way back in 2013. back then my photography skills were not as progressed as they are today.   Posted: 10/18/2020 21:20:48

Kathleen Colligan
Your photos always make me want to visit India someday. This would be was an awesome scene to witness. Too bad you had to be on a moving train and could not stop to take several shots. I agree with what Andy said about about sharpness a bit lacking like your usual amazing photos. Did you have a window you had to shoot through too? Stay safe and well !
PS Congrats on your showcased photo of The Bullet Train. You are so creative and talented.
  Posted: 10/17/2020 14:47:37
Prasad Indulkar   Prasad Indulkar
yes i was in train , but because i was in train I got the elevation to click this between the shrubs . If i was standing on ground , i could not have got this scene because the trees between me and fall were higher . One of the days I will go back there with intent of clicking this frame again with proper preparation. And yes you must visit my country it has a lot to offer   Posted: 10/18/2020 21:25:21

Laurie McShane
Amazing shot, particularly considering what you went through to capture it. The trees look so lush, and I love the mist near the upper end of the falls.   Posted: 10/17/2020 19:30:37
Prasad Indulkar   Prasad Indulkar
Thanks a Lot Laurie.   Posted: 10/18/2020 21:25:42


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