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He shoots! He Scores! by Ralph Bridgland

March 2023 - He shoots! He Scores!

March 2023 - Ralph Bridgland


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There is no more Canadian phrase than: "He shoots! He Scores!". This photo was taken at a junior hockey game in my small Ontario hometown. I was pleased with getting the shooter and the puck entering the net in the frame. Was shot under less-than-ideal conditions as lighting was horrible and I had to shoot at high ISO to stop the action. Was shot with Sony a6600, 70-300 lense, 1/1,600 second, f5 and ISO 8,000. After cropping and colour adjustments in Lightroom, I used Topaz Denoise and then went back to Lightroom and added some texture.

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Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
A very difficult situation for getting a really good shot both from the speed of the action and the lighting. I think you have done very well here especially getting the puck as it hits the netting. It is lovely and sharp as well.
I think it perhaps could do with upping the exposure a little as seems a bit drab. I have also had a go at removing the second player as wondered whether he was needed? Have a look.   Posted: 03/01/2023 07:19:53
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Ralph Bridgland   Ralph Bridgland
I agree that removing the player on the right gives the image more impact. The reason I didn't remove him is because if I wanted to use the image in a photojournalism competition, the photo can't be altered in that manner. But if I was going to hang in on my wall, your suggestion works wonderfully. Thanks.   Posted: 03/01/2023 09:50:11

Rose Norman   Rose Norman
A great timely shot! I liked Angela's suggestion but you are right. For photojournalism, it is not allowed. I do like that you have brightened the photo and removed the noise. Good luck in your competition.   Posted: 03/01/2023 14:15:50

Janet McLaughlin   Janet McLaughlin
Great action shot, under difficult conditions. I like that you caught the puck going into the net! I think it's a great shot for photojournalism! The other player helps to show the intensity of the game.   Posted: 03/01/2023 20:23:46

Mr T
A good shot, and even if hockey is not introduced in my country, i can understand how the scorer feels. Who won? The "blacks" or the "greens"?   Posted: 03/06/2023 10:07:00

Randall Gusdorf   Randall Gusdorf
Ralph, really fun and wonderful shot. I agree with all the comments above. I see Angela also brightened up the image, and I would brighten it even more, as well as use levels or black and white and bring out more pop, as it is a bit grey. You can also straighten out the goal posts to vertical as they lean a bit to the left. You are lucky to get as much of the goalies face as you did, and he is looking at the puck in the net. Ha.   Posted: 03/12/2023 20:30:13

Cheryl Dubois   Cheryl Dubois
Another terrific sports capture. Ralph you are correct about removing the player on the right and not being able to use it as a PJ image. I wonder if a little more contrast would help. In Photoshop if you create a levels adjustment layer and bump up the middle slider just a smidge, you may get and extra pop of color. That was so fabulous you caught the puck right in the net! Great job.   Posted: 03/20/2023 15:52:16