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Bird-star by Hema Narayanan

November 2020 - Bird-star

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The idea was to get the bird and the subtle star burst seen below. At home one evening, shot against the sun using the 70-200mm, narrow aperture. Good sunset golden hour colours were an add on bonus. Liked the eventual outcome.

PS: removed some of the clutter on PP

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Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
Great colours in the sky and well done for getting the star burst, not easy!! I also like the one star showing above the bird it seems as if he is talking to it!!!
Not too sure whether it is my eyes/monitor but there seems to be quite a lot of sensor dirt showing in the sky?
I think you intended for the bird to have a light rim round it from the sun but wonder whether it would be better completely as a black silhouette?

  Posted: 11/10/2020 06:35:05
Hema Narayanan   Hema Narayanan
Thanks Angela for your comments. Yeah, I sort of liked the rim lighting because it accentuated its outline. I can try to make it a complete silhouette.

Oh do you see a lot of dust? My bad, perhaps I should have checked. I shall do so and confirm.   Posted: 11/15/2020 02:34:41

Janet McLaughlin   Janet McLaughlin
Interesting shot, Hema! I like seeing silhouettes like this, but I find the bits of backlighting distracting. Could that be removed? The one star in the sky is nice, and it does seem as if he's talking to it. The starburst is also nice!   Posted: 11/10/2020 09:37:21
Hema Narayanan   Hema Narayanan
hello Janet, thanks for your remarks. The idea was to get a star burst (lately trying starbursts whereever I see :)). The single star was a bonus. I did not even properly notice until I shot it :). Of even, you dont like the rim lighting? Ahh! dont know why I sort of like that lighting around this birdie :) but will try 100% silhouette and post.   Posted: 11/15/2020 02:36:47

Brent Doornbos   Brent Doornbos
I love silhouettes. Thinking it may be a good b/w?? I also like the 1:1 shots.   Posted: 11/10/2020 15:02:13
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Hema Narayanan   Hema Narayanan
Me too, love silhouettes. This one too was meant to be that, but at the time of shooting I noticed the rim light and metered to get hold of it :)

Thanks for sending the bnw. appreciate your time. But the star burst in this is not so evident is it not Brent?   Posted: 11/15/2020 02:38:02

Randall Gusdorf   Randall Gusdorf
Hema you captured wonderful background colors in your silhouette, and you have a nice starburst. While I like the colors, I agree with Brent that bnw is complelling.   Posted: 11/14/2020 19:58:43
Hema Narayanan   Hema Narayanan
Thanks Randall !
One of these times, we all should pick Silhouette as a theme and for that month ONLY submit silhouettes :-). How is that for an idea? hehe.

Oh even you like mono? Hmm!!! I really need to go back and remove both rim light and the color and see, though I like it this way :). She was a blessed birdie with light around her sort of :)   Posted: 11/15/2020 02:39:44

Cheryl Dubois   Cheryl Dubois
Very nice silhouette. Great job catching the bird singing along with the sunset. Very well composed.   Posted: 11/15/2020 05:35:41


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