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The wonder of it all by Randall Gusdorf

September 2020 - The wonder of it all

September 2020 - Randall Gusdorf


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I took ths at 10ish this past Saturday, of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, with the 33 foot tall Alien sculpture looking up to the universe, made out of tin foil. Artist Tom Friedman.

Fuji 200mm.

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Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
What a strange sculpture!!! I think the crop is spot on and love the curves and three toned colouring of the background. Only thing that I would like to have seen is all of "his" hands as they seem a bit chopped off to me. Other than that a great image well seen!!   Posted: 09/01/2020 12:00:18
Randall Gusdorf   Randall Gusdorf
you are spot on. the problem with the hands are there is a gate and walk way in the background, a major distraction. and getting closer and shooting up was not so great. I think i should consider cropping up from the bottom more. thanks.   Posted: 09/01/2020 12:03:24

Brent Doornbos   Brent Doornbos
I enjoy this quite a bit. Nicely seen. And you answered the "hands" question, so yeah . . . a tighter crop for sure . . .   Posted: 09/04/2020 22:23:43

Janet McLaughlin   Janet McLaughlin
Very cool shot, Randall, it looks so futuristic! I love the curves and the colors in the background! The minimal color palette makes the shot! The crop is perfect...I wouldn't change a thing,   Posted: 09/12/2020 09:59:34

Cheryl Dubois   Cheryl Dubois
Makes me think of ET. Nice job of the background geometric shape leading into the sculpture.   Posted: 09/16/2020 19:48:23


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